Vlad Putin riding a Bear

Where is Putin?

Over the last two days, myself and everyone who has a blog, a YouTube channel, a Twitter account, or any access whatsoever to comment on the mysterious public disappearance of Vladimir Putin has speculated wildly on the recent events.

Oddly enough the main stream media hasn’t touched the story with a 50 foot flag pole.  The main stream media may have a good reason, but from the past, they have proven themselves untrustworthy, and agenda driven.

Welcome to Putin rumor control ladies and gentleman.  This is what we know.

  1. I first begun to see posts pop up on the popular conspiracy website Godlike Productions, about Putin’s alleged death.  There was also an unusual amount of posts concerning Russia which I found odd and out of character.
  2. There is the speculation of an attempted coup or power struggle in the Kremlin.
  3. Allegedly the Russian flag has been missing from the Kremlin, which fuels the speculation of a coup.
  4. There is speculation that Putin has fallen ill.  This rumor grew when Putin canceled his scheduled trip to Kazakhstan.
  5. Is Putin in Switzerland with his girlfriend Alina Kabayeva and their love child?
  6. Finally, there were a number of white trucks surrounding the Kremlin last night, which led to the speculation that someone was moving out in a hurry.

Here is a link to a live cam of the Kremlin.

There is something going on at the Kremlin, and I for one hope the man is okay. If Putin is truly gone due to an illness, coup, or death, a  major power vacuüm will exist, that could be filled by men far worse, and an unstable Russia is a very bad thing for the world.

I’m at a loss for words and I prefer not to speculate, but I do hope the situation turns out benign, and Putin just has the flair for the dramatic.

As always time will tell, and I will post updates as they come through via Twitter and my Facebook page.

~ News Monkey



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