When I was a young child growing up, I was introduced to the topic of UFO’s early by my Uncle who was quite the enthusiast.  He had a scrapbook that he gifted to me one day, where he kept track of all the articles he could find on the subject.  This was way before the internet, when you had to read papers, articles, and complete a subscription to UFO or Weird magazine to get the dirty details, or to at least get some good entertainment!

This started me off on a path to read everything I could get my hands on UFO wise, which led me to read books about UFO’s and Alien abduction from famous authors in the community like Budd Hopkins, Whitley Streiber, Nick Pope, Stanton Friedman, and last but not least, the late John E. Mack.

I’ve had a few sightings of strange phenomenon over time, that would be classified as UFO in the very sense of the word, but as what I observed or what it truly was, that I don’t know.

All this preamble brings me to today, where I had two sightings while on Staten Island this past month.  The first sighting occurred on the Manhattan side of the island; meaning the side of the island closest to the Staten Island ferry.  I was taking care of my Uncle’s dogs.  I let the dogs out back to do their business and roll around in the dirt, and sat down in one of the patio chairs.  As I watched the 737’s fly back and forth on their way to and from Newark, I noticed at the very edge of my site something reflective.

I’m not trained in astronomy or meteorology, so I can’t tell you how high the object was, but it was high enough that it could be easily lost.  At first I thought it was a balloon, but that hypothesis was quickly struck down when it moved slowly across the sky, and then would stop for a minute or two before proceeding.  This continued on for at least 20 minutes until the object made it’s way from my vantage point in Staten Island on it’s way towards Manhattan.

This now brings me to a second sighting I had later in the month of October, on the other side of the Island near the Outerbridge crossing which leads to New Jersey.  I was heading over to New Jersey, and I decided to stop for coffee before I hit the bridge.  When I got back into my parked car, I looked up through my sunroof and noticed the exact same reflective object in the sky I saw earlier in the month.  The UFO behaved in the same manner as the other did UFO.

It would move slowly, and then stop completely for a few minutes before proceeding on.  This object was actually hit by the sun at one point, and it cast quite was quite the reflection.  I believe this is further proof that what I observed was metallic in nature.  I eventually lost sight of my shiny friend as it crept slowly into the clouds.  I did make an attempt to film both UFO’s with my cellphone, but the zoom wasn’t nearly long enough to pick up the object at whatever it’s cruise hover speed was.

So what was it?  I can’t be sure.  I won’t discount the possibility that it was non-human, but if I was a betting man, I would put down $50 on a drone.

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