Turkish Jet down

There are unconfirmed reports out of the Middle East that Syria shot down a Turkish jet that violated it’s airspace. I’ve checked a few websites, and all of them are reporting basically the same “facts”.

Apparently two Turkish Jets were either heading into Syrian airspace or were already violating the airspace, and the Syrian’s were able to shoot one down while the other escaped. It was first reported the pilots were rescued, but now the story has changed and the rescue hasn’t been confirmed. I believe you can take the following two points from the incident.

The Syrian air defense works. NATO won’t experience a cakewalk if they wish to implement a no-fly zone.
Turkey is part of the NATO alliance, and an attack on one is considered to be an attack on all. The shoot down of the Turkish jet can be used as an excuse by NATO to invade Syria. The Turkish intrusion into Syrian airspace, could have also been a test to gage Syria’s response.
Prime Minister Erdogan has been very soft in his actions and hard in his words. Turkey won’t unilaterally respond to Syria.

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