TSA, NSA, let’s take a step back for a moment.

I want to take a step back for a moment, and explain my view on the TSA and NSA, and where I think it’s all heading.  First, a few observations I think we can all agree on.

1.  The TSA is a facade.  They force travelers to feel like criminals, and make them raise their hands above their heads like a perp in a radiation scanner.  They present the “choice” of a “pat” down by the local TSA handyman/woman as an alternative, which wraps up nicely the packaged illusion of security.  We all know deep down inside that if a motivated and determined person wanted to kill one or many people, they could very well accomplish the goal.  The recent misguided attack at LAX can be used as evidence.  I’ll say it again as I said it before; violence is never the answer.  Violence will only increase the power of the police state.

2.  There are normal everyday hard working men and women whom work for the TSA, that just wish to feed their families, have a career, and believe they are keeping America safe.  They aren’t all power hungry pedophiles as some commentators would report.  That being said; there are people in the TSA which fit the bill of the power hungry pedophile.  Positions of power normally draw the sociopaths of society.  The true character of a human being is shown when they are given authority over someone else.  I think it’s important to remember these TSA workers on the whole are just like you and me, and the machine which has been put in motion is the real problem

3.  There are normal everyday hard working men and women whom work for the NSA, that just wish to feed their families, have a career, and believe they are keeping America safe.  That being said; government cannot be trusted with the data it currently controls, and has been mining since the 1990’s.  At some point this invasion of privacy will be used against us.  That’s not a prophecy, that’s a reality based upon how governments have behaved in the past.  So if you’re one of the ignorant who say “I have nothing to hide” you are sorely mistaken, and don’t understand how all this data mining will eventually be used for restrictions on travel, and access to healthcare.

The only way you can be completely safe from harm is if we locked all of society in a cell.  It is simply not possible for a government organization to keep you safe from harm out there in the world, especially when the “terrorists” they are trying to keep you safe from are allowed to commit their crimes when the act will benefit the government that seeks to control the populace.

Alex Jones often repeats that his analysis shows the real targets of the war on terror to be the American people.  I believe him after watching the prison gate incrementally close around the USA. The TSA, NSA, and Obamacare all can seem innocent enough to the entertainment drugged American populace, but if you take a step back from the picture and see all the moving parts, you’ll see the nefarious goal in site.

The mainstream media and the administration will view any objection to the NSA and TSA as proving you have something to hide.  Criticism of the TSA will now be viewed with a more of critical eye than before in light of recent events.

I understand the need for security, and I’m not here to simply criticize and not offer a solution, but the solution to the problem is not to allow the government to read all your emails, and collect all your data, and to be made to feel like criminal when flying.  The TSA has expanded it’s reach beyond the airports, and will continue to do so as long as we go along with the charade.

I’m just asking you to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, and where all this “security” is heading if we don’t speak up.

I agree we need intelligence and security, but it needs to be an intelligent intelligence (I’m getting Team America flashbacks here).  The bottom line is that we shouldn’t be made to walk through radiation scanners, forced to undergo pat downs without reasonable cause, and the NSA shouldn’t collect all of our data and spy on our emails. In a perfect world this wouldn’t exist, but it does, and it has only gotten worse since 9/11.

It’s time to wake up, and shake off this incremental conditioning.

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