The S-300 Missile

The S-300 is all the rage these days. This because Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has hinted that his country is now in possession of the vaunted Russian anti-aircraft system. al-Assad also warned Israel that Syria will not stand idly by if they are attacked again by the IDF.

A Syrian response to an attack would be the logical response, and their restraint can be attributed to the strength of Israel’s air force, but the fact remains; the Syrians have not attacked Israel. Israel on the other hand has hit Syria with a devastating strike; that some analysts in the alternative press claimed was nuclear.  s300

Israel has threatened to destroy the S-300 missiles if they are in al-Assad’s hands, but they have emphasized their doubt of his bold claim.

Israeli defense minister Moshe Yaalon warned “…if Russia delivers the(se) air defense systems to Syria, we know how to act.”, and went so far to say that the Russian’s would be foolish to give the S-300 to Syria, because the Israeli’s can easily counter the anti-aircraft missile, and this in turn would reflect poorly upon Russia and lower their stock as a weapons exporter.

These are big words coming from the leader of a country that has already hit Syria with a devastating air strike no matter how they rationalize the reason. How different the story would have been told in the press if Israel was hit by Syria. Apparently in this reality; if you’re Syria you must receive whatever salvo Israel dishes out with a smile, because to defend your country is akin to an act of aggression in this all too common new Orwellian speak.

Despite the haughtiness of Mr. Moshe, I wouldn’t doubt the Israeli defense ministers words, because after all; Israel is an armed military camp, funded and supplied with the best of the best by our very own Uncle Sam.

The S-300 will make the west think twice before initiating a no-fly zone over Syria. They know full well it won’t be a cake walk like Libya. In the past week; Syria’s army has been putting up a good fight against the collection of extremist Muslim groups infiltrating their country, and have even made gains in the strategic city of al-Qusayr.

On top of all this Syria has now received 10 MiG-29 M/M2 fighters from Russia to go along with the S-300, and are requesting more from their long time ally. I fear the escalation by Russia will eventually lead to a real confrontation between the USA and Russia. Perhaps Russia may even go after Israel at some point, but I don’t see that happening just yet, because Russians defend Russians, and they won’t lay their lives out for the Syrians, but will fight the west by proxy.

That being said; the accusations and disappointment the west has expressed for Russia’s support of Syria is completely hypocritical and eye-roll inducing, when the west backs groups like al-Nusra whom affiliates themselves with al-Qaeda. There are plenty of atrocities committed by the “FSA” that go unreported in the media. The slaughter of Christians in Homs is one of them that comes to mind.

I believe the support for these rebels in Syria is motivated primarily by a desire to create a “greater Israel”, and to remove Syria from the game board before the attack on Iran can commence. You see the mainstream media pushing the narrative that America’s interests are now at stake in Syria; which could not be further from the truth! If the “FSA” had somehow toppled Syria on their own, you would then see the narrative being pushed that boots on the ground are required in Syria, because al-Qaeda has infiltrated the “FSA”,(which has already happened) and they now must be removed, because otherwise we’re in danger.

Do you see how this is a no-win game of manipulation??

I’ve been saying on my blog back when Libya was toppled by these same “rebels”, that the west is funding and supporting extremist Muslims which affiliate themselves with al-Qaeda in order to conquer by proxy countries in the Middle East.

The West is again using al-Qaeda as they were used on 9-11. Why create a grand conspiracy when you have your pick of Muslim extremists whom can easily be manipulated to meet your goals.  They are the perfect cover, and the perfect alibi.

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