The Apollo Missions Were a Fraud?

I’ve followed Crrow777’s Moon research for a few months now, and he’s very passionate about his belief that the Apollo Moon landings were a complete fraud.  I will link his video below for you to decide.  I also have a few updates for you the reader!

1.  I would like to introduce Charles Edwards.  He has joined News Monkey as a new contributor, and you’ll hear from him shortly.  I also want to extend the invitation to join the News Monkey.  If you’re interested in current events, paranormal, conspiracy, space, UFO’s  or prophecy from any time in our Earth’s history please feel free to send me a message if you would like to write for the News Monkey.  I cannot offer monetary compensation at the moment, but I can offer the platform while we continue to grow.

2.  The News Monkey will finally enter the world of YouTube after much thought on the matter.  YouTube channels have now taken a life of their own, and are quick way for me to reach out to you the reader with news commentary and updates.  Keep your eyes open for the channel here, or at the News Monkey Facebook page.

Without further adieu, here is Crrow777’s video on the Apollo missions.

7 thoughts on “The Apollo Missions Were a Fraud?”

  1. Re: “The Apollo Missions…”
    Thanks for the video.
    I suspect there are a myriad of things going on that are manufactured in this manner in much the way flack is to used to distract and/or provide cover for other (secret) projects taking place or to promote an artificial event in the hopes of distracting observers from seeing the reality of one situation through the creation and insertion of another into the public consciousness.
    In this way the questions and concerns of the greater public will be offered rational yet unrelated enterprises that are in fact staged, while carrying out larger and perhaps more secreted or questionable “missions” out of the sight and wave length of the very public whose tax dollars are supporting these efforts and some attempt must be made to answer for the annual outlay and expenditures should they come under question.
    “Staged missions” and efforts that are little more than theatrics would be the way to go about this, given that NASA and other government agencies would otherwise not be a position to address any of several activities that likely take place outside Earth’s atmosphere any more than explanations are given for subterranean projects which have occured and continue to be so.
    For you to put this before us now is rather timely given the “fact” that just today a mission for placing people in space for the duration of a year was (literally) launched.
    Once it leaves Earth, who knows what the real or genuine mission is or what it’s purpose or destination may be. We are limited to the very agencies that have shown themselves to be the least credible time and time again…from the approach of Nibiru to the variety of constructions that have been filmed on Mars and/or the Moon via various independent photographs and technologies.
    Of late my best argument against NASA’s honesty and other involved, like minded agencies is this:
    In this age of recording imagery from digital motion pictures and live video, (we can even do it with our phones!) why in this world do we only see ‘stills’ when NASA offers us confirmation evidence from the rovers on Mars and the Moon??
    Evidently there are many things just as mysterious and unknown going on, right here on Earth as we believe to be in space.

    1. Very, very good point fox, and this is how I feel as well. While it’s hard for me to come out and plainly say that I believe the footage of the Moon landings were faked, I’m open to the possibility. Perhaps the footage broadcast to the American public and the world was used to camouflage the actual method of going to the moon, or as a fail safe in case something went catastrophically wrong with the mission, because PR has been and always will be of paramount importance to those that need to retain power and control.

      I recently had a discussion with someone about your very question concerning the lack of live video.

      Why in the 21st century can we not see a view of the Earth other than the small low Earth orbit view from the ISS or Shuttle when she was in operation, and why can we not just land a rover on the moon with streaming HD video? It doesn’t make sense to me, but it is suspect.

      I personally feel there is something being hidden, or something they don’t want the average man or woman to have access to. I also find it extremely hard to understand how we supposedly sent six manned missions to the moon in the 60’s and 70’s, but here we are 36 years later and nothing.

      1. America has a way of going out of it’s way to simply leave a “foot print” (literally and figuratively) as a means of discovery as some sort of announcement for the rest of the world and history, similar to calling first dibs.
        We’re a lot like weekenders who breeze into New York City, hit a restaurant or two and breeze out again, then tell everyone back home
        we’re practically natives and how it’s somehow our personal “stomping ground”.
        The suspense is killing me though as to whether there’s more going on than our earlier visits 36 years ago.

        1. I’m still in awe when I see all the men and women that are and were involved in the Space Shuttle missions, and the teamwork from all countries on the ISS, but the Moon leave me confused, and wanting answers.
          There are those that theorize we can’t leave low Earth orbit; It’s a thread I need to follow and do more research on.

  2. Thank you!

    Thank you for bringing me on board here at the News Monkey, as a new contributor I hope to help expand on what you have already started and bring all of us a little closer to the truth (I mean isn’t that all we want anyway?). I will be here to shed light on news that the MSM seems to ignore and in addition to that I will be writing about a wide range of paranormal topics and hope to share my own experiences as well. I should have my first piece out soon.


    Charles Edwards

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