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Cold War Dreaming (or if this were the 80’s I would be worried!)

I would be worried. In the 80’s we were on the brink of nuclear annihilation, or at least that’s what we were told. The fear that one day the USA and the Soviet Union might edge too close to direct conflict, and then bam!!! Nuclear war! The fear was always there, and we had plenty of movies, and even video games to remind us of the horrible reality. Continue reading Cold War Dreaming (or if this were the 80’s I would be worried!)

A State of War

Assad admitted on Tuesday June 26th that Syria is in a state of war, and asked his government to spare no effort to achieve victory. The fighting has been going on for about 16 months now, and yesterday there were reports that fighting has reached the Syrian capital Damascus. The rebels were reported as blocking the “old road” from Beirut to Damascus.

This is a major change for Bashar al-Assad, because up until now he’s downplayed the insurrection in his country. I believe the fighting in the capital has woken him to the realization that NATO will not rest until he is removed from power. The goal of NATO is to dominate all of the middle east and keep Russia and China out. Once Syria is gone only Iran will stand in NATO’s way.

I’m sure Russia is fully aware of this, and it makes sense now why Vlad Putin stopped off in Israel to speak to Netanyahu. Turkey on the other hand won’t attack Syria without NATO help, and they are already backing down from their strong rhetoric after their Jet was shot down. They talk tough, but they don’t act tough. One only has to think back to when Turkish citizens were killed by the IDF enroute to Gaza. Turkey basically did the politically equivalent of yelling at them, and said bad, bad, bad Israel!

I don’t see NATO putting boots on the ground in Syria, until they wait a few more months to see how their “rebels” do. The stakes have been raised by Russia. If Russia back’s off, then Syria’s days are quickly reduced. I’m ceasing to write on the subject of Syria until something of serious significance changes for the better or the worse.

I hope for the better, but I’m afraid it’s obvious the direction this has taken.

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Turkish Jet down

There are unconfirmed reports out of the Middle East that Syria shot down a Turkish jet that violated it’s airspace. I’ve checked a few websites, and all of them are reporting basically the same “facts”.

Apparently two Turkish Jets were either heading into Syrian airspace or were already violating the airspace, and the Syrian’s were able to shoot one down while the other escaped. It was first reported the pilots were rescued, but now the story has changed and the rescue hasn’t been confirmed. I believe you can take the following two points from the incident.

The Syrian air defense works. NATO won’t experience a cakewalk if they wish to implement a no-fly zone.
Turkey is part of the NATO alliance, and an attack on one is considered to be an attack on all. The shoot down of the Turkish jet can be used as an excuse by NATO to invade Syria. The Turkish intrusion into Syrian airspace, could have also been a test to gage Syria’s response.
Prime Minister Erdogan has been very soft in his actions and hard in his words. Turkey won’t unilaterally respond to Syria.

A history lesson of sorts, and the Bear makes a move.

I’ve been promising a history lesson, and today I’m getting it done. I want to cover Putin’s counter to NATO’s voracious desire for war in Syria, and I’ll also explain how the strategy applied in Syria is well worn. It’s a strategy which has been deployed once too often by the USA in the 20th and 21st century.

In the past fews months we’ve seen the Syrian crisis continue to escalate. It has now escalated to the climax where NATO has just enough excuse to ask for a “no fly zone”. I’m of the personal belief that many of these atrocities can be blamed on the foreign “freedom fighters”, or the “Free Syrian Army” as they are now euphemistically called by CNN. I’m sure the Syrian military is guilty of killing their own people, but these recent atrocities seem out of place, and in this writer’s opinion, appear to be the work of foreign Sunni extremists.

Now because NATO has their justification almost fully in place, Putin has made an impressive chess move by supplying Syria with attack helicopters. Vlad has demonstrated that Russia will attempt to block further unimpeded expansion and control by NATO. The addition of attack helicopters will decisively change the tide of battle if used correctly. Thus far the rebels don’t show signs of being equipped with stingers or the Russian equivalent IGLA. The lack of these air defense weapons will give control of the skies, and close combat support to the Syrian army.

There are rumors that Putin has also ordered the activation of an infantry division, paratroop division, and Spetsnaz brigade. The Russian’s are looking out for their strategic naval port in Tartus, which allows them to maintain a military presence in the Mediterranean. Putin’s actions show he is determined to respond to a NATO attack. How he responds is the wildcard.

I would like to cover some history that ties in with the war in Libya, and the preparation for war in Syria. The United States government has an awfully bad record of supporting and supplying dictators, or funding and supplying rebels to eliminate or counter a common foe. They tend to operate with an enemy of my enemy is my friend mindset.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, military style. On Christmas Eve 1979, the Soviet 40th army rolled into Afghanistan on order from then President Leonid Brezhnev. Three days later the Soviets occupied Bagram Airbase and Kabul, and executed then Afghan President Hafizullah Amin on accusation he was working for the CIA. The Democratic Republic of Afghanistan was a long standing ally of the Soviet Union. The Russian’s weren’t about to lose control of Afghanistan to Western powers, so they effectively started their own Vietnam, which ended with Russian withdrawal from Afghanistan on February 15, 1989. The war saw the loss of roughly 15,000 Russian soldiers, and close to 90,000 Mujahideen. The people of Afghanistan suffered the most, with a rough estimate of 2 million dead. The Soviet Union collapsed on December 26, 1991.

One of the facets of US strategy for defeating the Soviets, was to supply the Mujahideen with the stinger missile. The stinger was a major game changer for the Mujahideen. The weapon allowed them to destroy Soviet aircraft in great numbers, and increase the pucker factor of those pilots that survived. The ground war was one of attrition, and one the Mujahideen could win because the Soviets were ill prepared to fight an asymmetrical war. The Soviet war machine at that time was designed for mass combined arms assault. A great tactic if this was WWII, and the opponent was Nazi Germany.

Another key ingredient to the Soviet defeat was the son of billionaire construction magnate Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden. The son we know as Osama bin Laden, and the CIA knew him by his code name “Tim Osman”. After Osama graduated from college in 1979 he went to Pakistan to join Abdullah Yusuf Azzam in his fight against the Soviets, and helped support the Mujahideen with construction equipment and cold hard cash.

We can see how the US secretly allied with the Mujahideen when they could be used as a tool against the Soviets. After the Soviet defeat, Afghanistan fell into a civil war which eventually saw the Taliban victorious. Afghanistan was a very western nation in appearance when they were the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. You would be surprised if you sought out photographs, and saw exaclty how western they were. The country is drastically different today, as we well know. I’m not a supporter of Communism or the Soviet Empire, but you can clearly see how supporting the Mujahideen back fired for the United States.

It never backfires for the military industrial complex, because enemies are good for business.

The same tactic in Afghanistan was applied in Iraq with Saddam Hussein, and most recently was applied in Libya. With Libya we supported the rebels ouster of Muammar Gaddafi, through NATO’s “no fly zone”, and a persistent media campaign. Many of these rebels were affiliated with al-Qaeda, and have no love for America. We’re seeing the same tactic applied in Syria. The only difference this time is Vlad Putin.

There is a confrontation brewing in the Middle East.

Many believe we are heading for a second cold war, but I believe the signs are point to a future hot war between Russia and NATO.

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Rinse, wash, and repeat (if necessary)

Assad and his wife

Unfortunately I’m not referring to the instructions on a shampoo bottle, but instead referring to the ever escalating crisis in Syria. The United States has basically become the armored fist for NATO, which has effectively transformed itself from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization into a fledgling world army. NATO has gone from defending Europe from the hordes of the Warsaw Pact to bombing Libya and occupying Afghanistan.
I’m not going to claim I understand or know the motivation behind this push for domination and control from Africa to Afghanistan, but the plan is definitely in place. I believe the end game is to weaken Russian and China, but that is a blog post for another time.

The original method for invasion post 9-11 was to blame the dictator/terrorist organization/rogue government for the attack, or paint them as threat to the American people. This worked effectively post 9-11 because most Americans were angry, shocked, and dealing with loss. I know 9-11 personally because I lost a family member that day, and I spent the better part of 10 years researching the subject.

Iraq ruined the plan to create the threat, blame the the threat, and then invade the threat. This occurred because America became disillusioned when the WMD’s were never found, and Afghanistan started to resemble a 21st century Vietnam.

The new method for invasion is to fund rebels in the targeted country, blame the government of the targeted country for crimes against humanity, then set up a “no fly zone” over the country, and finally drop humanitarian bombs of peace on them. Let’s be honest, a “no fly zone” is a PC word for bombing. It’s like starting a bar fight, and afterwards telling the cops you were attempting to create a “no punch zone” to protect everyone.

We saw this no fly zone in Libya, and we’re going to see it in Syria.

The powers that be know you won’t be fully on board with an attack on Syria, so they will pull the humanitarian card. They don’t give a crap about humanity, they just are using language to further their propaganda. Syria and Iran must fall to complete their agenda. Let’s review the major events that occurred in Syria, and in the middle east to further this crisis.

  1. Armed rebels seem to literally pop up out of nowhere engaging the Syrian Army, very similar to the armed rebels in Libya.
  2. The United States and western nations condemn the murders in Syria, and place the blame solely on the Assad regime.
  3. Twin bombings occur in Damascus which re-ignite the tension, and seemingly break the tentative cease fire between the rebels and government.
  4. “Syria Danny” made appearances on CNN with Anderson Cooper. If you do a simple Google search, you’ll read how he was caught faking attacks by the Syrian government to further expand the propaganda, and lure western intervention.
  5. Another atrocity occurred in Syria over Memorial Day weekend. This time in the town of Houla, and some 108 people were murdered. The rebels blame the government, and the government blames the rebels.
  6. The BBC was caught using a photograph from Iraq in 2003 to report the atrocity in Houla.
  7. The USA and it’s allies kick out Syrian diplomats, and say they are ready for a military option.
  8. A former Syrian general appears on CNN, and tells Christine Amanpour the Syrian government would collapse quickly under western bombardment, and the only solution is military intervention.
  9. A computer virus is released on Iran called “flame”, and Israel is again suspected as they were with stuxnet.
    The war games the USA had planned in Jordan have been canceled.

We can see where this is going.

Invasion…or more specifically a “no fly zone” where NATO will drop humanitarian love bombs.

Call me cynical, but I can read them like a book.

I’m sick of war.

Don’t let our once great Republic be used as the armored fist for this nefarious agenda.

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Damascus – follow up

I want to quickly respond to a few e-mails I received, which concerned my previous post on the twin bombing in Damascus. Some readers were asking if I believe the U.S. Navy had anything to do with the bombing.

I’m in no way accusing the U.S. Navy of having anything to do with the bombing. Let me repeat that again. I’m in no way accusing the U.S. Navy of having anything to do with the bombing.

I was attempting to explain that whoever was behind the bombing had military knowledge, and was not your run of the mill bomber. I really hope that clears the air. I’m a Patriot myself, and come from a military family. I wouldn’t throw such a baseless accusation or insinuation around.

Next post we’ll delve into some mysteries concerning ghost cities beings built around the globe.

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There is quite a lot going on in the news today, but I wanted to focus on the morning’s bombing in Damascus.

The bombings took place during the morning rush hour, and as the dust settled from this horrific incident, RT reported that at least 55 were killed, and 372 wounded in the twin bomb explosion. 

No one has yet claimed responsibility, but as expected the Syrian Government and Free Syrian Army are pointing fingers at each other. The blame has also been applied to the Mossad and CIA, according to the Turkish Daily

I need to digress for a moment…

An acquaintance of mine who spent quite some time in the Navy (80′s & 90′s), once told me a tactic employed by the U.S. Navy during the Gulf War, was to launch a tomahawk missile, and then wait about 30 minutes to follow up on the same target with a second missile to kill the medical personel, military personel, or whoever showed up to have a look around.

Now with that in mind, read the following paragraph from Russia Today;

“The blasts happened in quick succession during the morning rush hour, just as employees were arriving to work. An initial small explosion was followed by a much larger blast allegedly targeted at paramedics and security forces arriving at the scene, AP reports.”
RT’s description of the event is eerily similar.

I’m in NO WAY accusing the U.S. Navy, but this tactic is very reminiscent of what I was told. Suffice to say, whoever did this was a professional. Given the size of the two explosions, and the tactics used, the bombers would have had prior military experience, and a knowledge of explosives. There is a chance a rag tag, blind fire, band of rebels, supplied with old Soviet equipment could have thought to employ the tactic, but it seems unlikely.

Anyone using this tactic on innocent men, women, and children, is a murderer and a coward.

These two explosions were extremely massive as you can see from the following video.

The following link contains photographs from shortly after the explosions. Be forewarned, the pictures are GRAPHIC. Please do not click the link if you’re easily offended or disturbed. graphic pictures

The bombing is going to reignite the unrest in Syria, and may very well end the cease fire between the Free Syrian Army and the Syrian Government. The act will spread more fear and destruction throughout Syria, which is exactly what the perpetrators of this disgusting act wished for.

Now if we move our GPS south a moment to the kingdom of Jordan, we’ll see the USA is gearing up for a three week exercise with 15 other countries.

In my observation, exercise leads to action.

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