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Was the Syrian chemical attack a false flag?

I’ve been warning for over a year now that our country would get directly involved in the Syrian conflict, and it appears the day is about to arrive. I honestly didn’t predict it would come this soon, but our so called “leaders” have been trying hard for a long time now to find something to light the fire with, and I believe they found their fuel in the Syrian chemical attack; which occurred on August 21st in Damascus, Syria.

The President and his Secretary of State John “Swift Boat” Kerry, have said there is undeniable evidence that Assad launched the chemical attacks against his people. Bashar al-Assad said his country did not use chemical weapons, and the attack is instead the work of the foreign terrorists his country has been fighting for over two years. I’m apt to believe him for a few reasons. The first being that he knows full well that by using chemical weapons, let alone against his own people, he would give the West the long desired excuse they have been looking for, and secondly the “FSA” or al-Qaeda terrorists (which I feel better describes them) have been caught willingly on camera committing attrocities in Syria. So why wouldn’t these terrorists use chemical weapons against the Syrian people to get the West involved? They’ve been practically begging the West for the entire length of the conflict to get involved, and have no qualms about murdering the Syrian people on camera and posting it to the internet. Continue reading Was the Syrian chemical attack a false flag?

Cold War Dreaming (or if this were the 80’s I would be worried!)

I would be worried. In the 80’s we were on the brink of nuclear annihilation, or at least that’s what we were told. The fear that one day the USA and the Soviet Union might edge too close to direct conflict, and then bam!!! Nuclear war! The fear was always there, and we had plenty of movies, and even video games to remind us of the horrible reality. Continue reading Cold War Dreaming (or if this were the 80’s I would be worried!)