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Do the Euro!

Have you heard about the new crazy dance all the wild kids are doing nowadays!? Well you should! It’s called THE EURO! You take one step in, you take one step out, you do a bounce, a clap, a turn around, and then you point in there air and say HOOOOOO!!

John Travolta
Travolta doing the “Euro”.

I’m sorry. That was uncalled for, but through the use of metaphor we can see how the euro crisis is like an awkward dance, with an awkward partner that never seems to end

“Seems” is the key word.

This bounce clap two step will end in my opinion. It will end in the exit of Greece, and they will be followed possibly by Italy and Spain. The powers that be, or the globalist banking agenda as I like to put it, will try to ram home some sort of back door deal to stop these countries from exiting the euro. They will attempt to consolidate power financially. They won’t let their European “superstate” fail without a fight.

Greece, Italy and Spain have a much better chance at improving their economy in the long run if they exit stage left, and return to their currencies. The pain will be there and the pill will be hard to swallow, but they will gain their sovereignty back by cutting the chain with Brussels (headquarters of EU)

Here is an article from the Financial Times discussing some of the immediate effects we’re seeing on Spain and Italy. www.ft.com

European Markets have closed down today, and 26 Italian banks were downgraded by Moody’s as well to add fuel to the fire. Wall Street Journal

If you were a young man or woman in Spain, how would it feel to hear your country tell you to seek work abroad? www.ft.com

As I said previously, I predict the exit of Greece from the euro, and Italy or Spain to follow.

The euro crisis is a slow dance…but it will end.

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