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Global Warming, Chemtrails, and Man-Bear-Pig

Global warming and chemtrails are the main topic of today’s post, but first I want you to sit back and watch the following video.  Please pay close attention to what is being said.  It should be very apparent if you watch it with a clear mind.

So what did you think?

What I heard from the man who claims to have invented the internet (wrong), is that chemtrails exist.  He also attempted a slick politician psych job on the audience, by placing homophobes and racists in the same sentence as those who don’t agree that global warming is happening.  According to Al Gore; you’re a racist or a homophobe if you don’t follow the party line on global warming.  This is exactly what he means when he said “winning the conversation”, and went on to recall a racist incident he experienced, and a homophobic one he “heard” about happing in a pizza place. Continue reading Global Warming, Chemtrails, and Man-Bear-Pig