Was the Syrian chemical attack a false flag?

I’ve been warning for over a year now that our country would get directly involved in the Syrian conflict, and it appears the day is about to arrive. I honestly didn’t predict it would come this soon, but our so called “leaders” have been trying hard for a long time now to find something to light the fire with, and I believe they found their fuel in the Syrian chemical attack; which occurred on August 21st in Damascus, Syria.

The President and his Secretary of State John “Swift Boat” Kerry, have said there is undeniable evidence that Assad launched the chemical attacks against his people. Bashar al-Assad said his country did not use chemical weapons, and the attack is instead the work of the foreign terrorists his country has been fighting for over two years. I’m apt to believe him for a few reasons. The first being that he knows full well that by using chemical weapons, let alone against his own people, he would give the West the long desired excuse they have been looking for, and secondly the “FSA” or al-Qaeda terrorists (which I feel better describes them) have been caught willingly on camera committing attrocities in Syria. So why wouldn’t these terrorists use chemical weapons against the Syrian people to get the West involved? They’ve been practically begging the West for the entire length of the conflict to get involved, and have no qualms about murdering the Syrian people on camera and posting it to the internet.

Syria is backed diplomatically by Russia and China, and militarily by Iran. I know many have been warning that an attack could lead to World War III, but I doubt you will see Russia or China respond directly with military might if the attack does take place. Iran on the other hand will respond with asymmetric warfare, because they and Syria know full well the hell the West can bring to bare on their homes. It’s hard to predict how Syria will react, because they have taken direct hits from Israel this year without responding. Assad isn’t a stupid man; he knows full well the cost of tangling with the big boys of the death industrial complex, and that’s not a compliment.

I make it as plain as day that I don’t believe a damn word our government and it’s talking puppets spout any longer. I don’t know how anyone can believe them after the many holes in official 9-11 conspiracy, the false claims of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the strange disposal of Osama Bin Laden, the invasion of Libya, or the myriad of other bullshit we’re told on a daily basis when watching the brain washing flatscreen.

The hand being played is extremely obvious no matter the poker faces or shit eating grins involved. That being said, no matter what I personally believe or how war weary the American public has become, Obama will authorize the attack soon. He’s played his hand in the media, and he won’t back down. Putin has warned the West not to repeat their mistakes in Iraq, because an attack will bring about catastrophic consequences for the region.

I firmly believe he’s correct, because the region is already extremely unstable with the recent coup in Egypt, and if the USA and it’s Western allies attack Syria, no matter how “limited” the strike may be, it will remove any possiblility of talks with Iran from the board. It will also throw US-Russian relations into the deep freeze of a Cold War part two, but maybe this is exactly what the puppet masters desire.
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2 thoughts on “Was the Syrian chemical attack a false flag?”

  1. I agree completely however I would take it a step further. If we start bombing them it will immediately cause a domino effect around the world. Iran will bomb Israel and vice versa comrade Putin will start a land grab and go into the Caucasus with little to no resistance and North Korea not wanting to be left out will start shit with the south. And will just be the beginning, I wrote a blog in June 2012 saying this Syria issue will trigger WWIII. And now today Kerry said he is giving Assad a week to turn over his chemical weapons which he will not do or probably doesn’t have and this will give Obama his scapegoat and he can say that he gave them every opportunity to prevent this themselves. I hope none of this happens however I just have this feeling. Hope all is going well with you and WTF with the Giants last night.

    1. Hey Ed,
      Thanks for commenting. First the important business; the Giants. I obviously say this tongue in the cheek, but I think the God’s were against them on Sunday night! Despite 6 turnovers they only lost by 5; so they can take that as positive result for the next game.

      On to Syria…

      I’ve been talking about is so long on my blog, that I feel I should rename my blog to Syria Monkey! I agree that an attack no matter how limited will start a fire that will not easily be put out. I however think I’m wrong in predicting that Obama will attack Syria soon, because the resistance to the War has been staggering and inspiring. Putin has called O’s bluff so to speak, and if he attacks Syria now, the USA will look very bad in the eyes of the world; which I feel is fulfilling another agenda all together.

      These “leaders” when backed into a corner can be deadly. They want to attack Syria so bad they can taste it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they find their excuse, maybe in the form of a false flag.

      Let’s hope not.

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