Shadow People

Shadow People, Who (or what) are they?

shadowShadow people (also known as Shadow men, Shadow folk or Shadow beings) are said to be shadow-like creatures of supernatural origin which seem as dark forms in the peripheries of people’s vision and disintegrate, or move between walls, when noticed.

A popular category in the world of the paranormal is the existence of an entity that many refer to as a shadow person (also commonly called shadow people). These entities are sometimes reported as wearing hats and long cloaks. Now there are many theories from some self-proclaimed “experts” as to what these beings are and lets take a look at three of the more popular ones.

Ghosts- this seems to be the most popular theory floating around out there due to the fact that when many people report seeing a ghost they  described it as a transparent shadow or a silhouette with no distinguishable features and vanish as fast as they appear.

Demons –  is yet another common theory out there as many report feeling a sense of dread when they encounter them and relate the black shadow to that of an evil presence.

Aliens– There have been reports that encounters with shadow beings  accompanied with paralysis and the sense of floating away and possibly being taken on some type of craft with loss of time being reported (same symptoms of an alien abduction).

Other theories are that they are guardian angels, time travelers, being from another dimension who are either lost or found a way to “cross” into our world or soldiers testing out a new type of technology on us guinea pigs.


Now this topic is really near and dear to my heart as I have had a few encounters with them years ago and would like to share with you my story:

 My experiences began in the Fall of 2002 ( around the beginning of October) and at the time I was working the second shift at my job and I would get home around 1:30 am. The first time it happened it was around 2:00 am and I was sitting up in bed and watching TV, when all of a sudden I heard a sound that startled me, and the only way to describe it is the sound a mop makes when you take it out of a bucket of water and it slaps against the floor. After I heard it, I went out to the living room to investigate however I saw nothing, thinking it was all in my mind I went back into the bedroom and sat back down in bed.  After a few minutes I heard the sound again and it sounded closer than before, so I quickly turned to my left ( I was facing the right to watch the TV) and I was astonished at what I saw, at the foot of my bed was this dark figure about 7 feet tall, I could not make out any specific features however I could tell it was wearing a top hat ( similar to the ones that you would see a private investigator wear) and was wearing a cloak over its body. Its eyes were yellowish orange, and the were staring right at me.

After looking at this thing staring at me for about 30 seconds, I turned on the light that was on my nightstand, and closed my eyes thinking I was just “seeing things”, however when I looked back up it was still standing there staring at me. At this point I tried to wake up my wife, however she wouldn’t budge, then suddenly I felt this anger come over me that I have never felt before so I went from sitting up in bed to going forward on my knees towards this thing and started shouting at it telling it to leave and that it is not welcomed in my home. Then as I was still yelling at it I reached my right arm into it and felt this ice cold shot of electricity go up my arm, then suddenly it took a few steps back and it dissipated slowly into nothing, almost like smoke does.

That night I stayed awake until the sun started to come up, still being scared out of my mind I eventually fell asleep from being so tired. Later that day, I told my wife about what had happened but she told me that I was just imagining things or really did fall asleep and had a nightmare, however I knew otherwise.

The next few months were pretty quiet and I stared to forget about my experience, thinking it was a one time deal. Then over that winter I would hear my name being called when I was home alone, and it sounded as if it was coming from all directions at once; and at night when I was trying to fall asleep I would see this being out of the corner of my eye standing on my wife’s side of the bed or in the doorway to my bedroom. Being so scared I would just close my eyes, and pull the covers over my head until I fell asleep.

  This continued through the winter and into the early spring, then one night as I was sitting in bed watching TV I heard the same strange sound that I had heard so many months before. I had also heard my dog walking around in his cage ( we had recently brought home a puppy) so I first thought he was doing his business in his cage so I went into the kitchen to check and as I walked into the kitchen I looked up and couldn’t believe my eyes, this 7 foot shadow being was about 10 feet away from me staring at me with those yellowish orange eyes. All of a sudden I felt this overbearing sense of sadness and I felt like I was going to drop to me knees and start crying, but I stopped myself from doing so. I quickly drummed up all the courage in me and pulled my crucifix from under my tee-shirt (I’m not very religious I wear it to appease my mother), and held it straight out and walked at this thing shouting at the top of my lungs, that it needs to leave and it does not belong here, then it just backed away from me and vanished.

 That was the last time anything happened and we moved out a few months later ( not because of my experiences) I asked my landlord who lived in the house for the 20 years prior to me if he had ever experienced anything and he said he did not. From time to time I feel like something is watching me when I go to sleep, however I have not seen anything since that last encounter.

I myself have tried to wrap my head around this for over a decade now and am no closer to finding answers then I was on that October night back in 2002. I urge all of your comments on this so we can open up a discussion on the topic and please feel free to share your own experiences as well.





2 thoughts on “Shadow People, Who (or what) are they?”

  1. I can thankfully say I have never had this experience. It is fascinating however; and provides me a smorgasbord for thought.
    Along with the possible causes for this phenomena that you mentioned, an idea bounced into me that one other possibility for these anomalies might be {…and why not really?! We know so very little about the universe around us} some sort of bleeding through or “station drift” in (for lack of a better name for it) “the time/space continuum”.
    Of course to recognize this as one possible explanation it may be necessary to pick up on information already available through various people who are known for their “channeling” experiences and the notation they left behind. Jane Roberts often held sessions with an entity called “Seth” who explained the universe around us as a “spider web” sort of construct with each crossing of said “web” to be a nexus of infinite possible other probabilities or realities that occur simultaneously along side but invisible to the one that we refer to the one and only reality.
    So I’m thinking, perhaps these visits from “Shadow People” could be a bleeding of or a momentary blending of two or more otherwise invisible frequencies found along the interwoven fabric of time and space and while you or I may think that the observation of it is limited to our own perceptibility, it isn’t altogether unlikely that the wraith, at the same moment in time is experiencing you as well in it’s own spectrum of physical time and substance. And experiencing the same joy or wonder that you or I or anyone might under such conditions.
    This is a great story, Charles, and it’s going to be spinning me around for some time.
    The possibilities are endless.
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks Fox, yes the possibilities are endless and as I mentioned in the post I have been trying to wrap my head around it for more than a decade. Also because of the time that has elapsed since it occurred I have tried meditation to see if I can remember anything else and I would eventually like to try hypnosis. The story itself I wrote soon after the events occurred because I wanted an accurate record of it. I do like your theory though and it will be something that I can ponder on.

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