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Saudi Arabia and the Arab Army

Saudi Arabian warplanes have conducted a third night of airstrikes and pounded the Houthi rebels in Sana, Yemen.  Saudi Arabia’s determined to prevent the rebels from crossing into the Kingdom, and gaining a stronger foothold in the western half of Yemen.  Only a ground invasion at this time can change the tide in favor of the newly formed Arab army.  There is a complication however in this new proxy war,  because Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is still in operation.

I’m will break down the alliances which are forming for this potential Middle Eastern Holy war.

Houthi Rebels (Shia)

Houthi leader
Abdul-Malik al-Houthi

The Houthi movement started as the Believing Youth in 1992.  They were a tolerant group that preached peace, and focused on education and cultural advancement.   The Believing Youth became more militant after the 2003 invasion of Iraq by the United States.  I will assume this change in behavior was a direct result of the invasion.

The Believing Youth began chanting anti-American and anti-Jewish slogans, which eventually led to confrontation with the Yemeni government.  The confrontation then led to a counter insurgency operation which was initiated by President Ali Abdullah Saleh.  The operation continued until a cease fire was declared in 2010.  The Houthis burst back on the scene during the 2011 Yemeni Revolution.

The Houthis did battle with Al-Qaeda and the Yemeni government for control of the nation.  On January 20, 2015 the Houthi rebels seized the presidential palace, and the following month dissolved parliament, and declared themselves the acting authority in Yemen.

On March 20, 2015 a massive suicide attack occurred during midday prayers.  142 Houthi worshippers lost their lives, and more than 351  were wounded.  ISIS quickly claimed responsibility for the deadliest attack in Yemen’s history.  Houthi leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi accused the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia of supporting and funding ISIS/Al-Qaeda.

On the 27th of March Saudi Arabia responded by launching airstrikes on Houthi positions in Sana.  These airstrikes have strengthened the resolved of the Houthi people to fight back against Saudi Arabia, and ISIS/Al-Qaeda (AQAP).

 Arab Army

Saudi Arabian soldier with flag
Saudi Arabian soldier

On March 27, 2015 the Arab leaders announced a joint army.  The army is in response to the Houthi in Yemen, and perceived threats to Sunnis.  That’s the PR line, but the truth is that an Army has been formed to combat the increasing power of Iran.  The army officially includes Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Sudan.  This 10 nation confederacy is backed by the United States with equipment, logistics, and intelligence.  I have to assume the 10 nation Arab army is also allied with the Global Caliphate (ISIS, Al-Qaeda), because the Global Caliphate (Sunni extremists) only attack secular Middle Eastern nations (Syria, Libya, Iraq) or Shia tribes.  I predict Iran will soon be targeted.

ISIS/ISIL/Al-Qaeda or simply the Global Caliphate (same pieces of shit, just a different name)

Burning ISIS flag
Photo credit: Infowars

You know these assholes well, they will often be found cutting off heads, shooting women, murdering children, or burning downed pilots in a cage filmed like a sick PR snuff film.  They are religious extremists, but can more simply be labeled as Demons in human form.

There is enough evidence to support the statement that ISIS has been, and is continually supported by Saudi Arabia.  There is also enough evidence to support my claim that ISIS is used by the U.S. and Israel as a proxy army.  Sunni militant groups were a large part of the rebel force that usurped Muammar Gaddafi in Libya.  These same groups are heavily involved in the Syrian conflict, as well as fighting with the Iraqi government.

The west played this game against the Russians in the 70’s and 80’s with the Mujaheddin and a guy named Osama Bin Laden.

I predict you will not see ISIS attack Saudi Arabia or any ally of the United States in the Middle East.  They will be used to commit a false flag in the future when the time is right to motivate the population to war.

President  Barack Obama (POTUS)

Barack Obama
Photo credit: Martin Schoeller

I include President Barack Obama here as a faction, because through his actions he is making Israel very nervous about the Nuclear deal with Iran.  I am not taking sides here, but this nervousness could be the spark that lights the fire in a new Middle Eastern Holy War.

Here a few links covering Israel’s view on the Obama’s handling of the nuclear talks with Iran.

Israeli PM lashes out as Iran nuclear talks intensify

American-Israeli Rabbi compares Obama to Haman

Iranian Defector: ‘U.S. Negotiating Team Mainly There to Speak on Iran’s Behalf’

If Iran appears to come out on top in these negotiations, the result could be an uncontrolled arms race among Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.  There then exists the possibility that down the road a three way nuclear exchange could take place.




2 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia and the Arab Army”

  1. Let’s face it.
    The military arm of the Saudis has historically always been the US.
    Now with the undeclared wars taking place against the latest “rebel faction of the month club”, one after another in various Middle Eastern countries, the the US has had to step back a pace and clean up it’s image. Enter the Saudis to all of a sudden and contrary to history, present it’s own military to beat back “rebel groups” that, when you examine them are all pretty much spin offs of the US formed Mujaheddin, which morphed into Al Qaeda which morphed into Isis which morphed into the IS…and now supposedly has morphed into the Houthi Movement.
    The US, in order to avoid the increasing scrutiny of waging undeclared war in places such as Yemen and a host of others have hobbled together a new front under the guise of “the Arab Army”…which is nonsense because any and all of these Arab armies (no matter what their cause or allegiance) are Arab to begin with.
    Anyone interested in gleaning the truth can watch the Documentary “Dirty Wars” by Jeremy Scahil. It’s an accurate accounting of the activities in the Middle East, by the US over the years and it’s secret army whichoperates under the title of JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) which has been terrorizing the Arab citizenry for years in inumerable mid eastern countries with impunity.
    It now appears that having a light shined on these activities and these covert raids has driven the US and it’s primary Middle Eastern players into a new strategy whereby “the Saudi Army” or the newly formed “Arab Army” will be the point of public focus rather than the real command of what’s taking place.
    Through it all however; while the puppets change, the puppeteer remains the same.

    1. Very well said Fox, but remember the Houthi are Shiite and not Sunni. The Houthi have been fighting al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), which makes it all the more Orwellian that Saudi Arabia has bombed the Houthi considering the “great threat” we are told that ISIS/AQAP represents to the Middle East. This is why I believe ISIS/al-Qaeda are very much controlled by Saudi Arabia and U.S. Intelligence groups, which is also the reason we find them operating in Syria and Iraq, but no report of them in Sunni nations allied with the USA. Isis is like the junkyard dog that is set loose when the junkyard owners needs to scare someone. I’m not saying ISIS is not a real group, I just believe they are funded sources close to home, and they have been allowed to spread like a cancer. I do agree that Sunni extremist groups called ISIS, ISIL, Islamic state, al Qaeda, or AQAP are all basically the same movement which are now supposedly united under the Global Caliphate.

      I’ll check out Dirty Wars. Thanks for the recommendation!

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