Oracle of Delphi

Ebola, Sarah Menet, and prophecy.

I had a little bird,Its name was Enza.
I opened the window, and in-flu-enza.

I’ve attempted to follow the Ebola news, and offer something novel here on the monkey page, but there are too many rumors, and not enough truth.  We now know Thomas Eric Duncan died from Ebola on Wednesday.  We also know that Teresa Romero Ramos from Spain is the first person outside of Africa to contract the virus, and she was left to sit in the ER for hours even after she tested positive.

Teresa’s dog Excalibur was put to death, because authorities felt the dog could have the virus and was too much of a risk.  Ebola has been known to infect chimpanzees, gorillas, fruit bats, monkeys, forest antelope and porcupines according to CNN, but not dogs.  Nevertheless, poor Excalibur is now pushing up daisies, and Teresa is reportedly doing “better” according to trusty main stream media sources (sarcasm).

When I first read the book The Hot Zone back in the 90’s, I thought Ebola was a death sentence, but apparently those infected are now pulling through.  This is clearly a good thing, but I wonder why this is the case.  Perhaps there are different strains of Ebola?  Time will tell as they often say.

This bring us to Sarah Menet.

Prophecy or religious propaganda?

I often research prophecy, and enjoy when I find modern one hit wonder prophecy, and Sarah Menet fit the bill.  Her prophetic experience came to her during a near death experience (NDE) back in 1979.  In her vision she saw the dreaded “end times”.  How many times (no pun intended) have we heard about the “end times”.  I’m sure there were quite a few who thought they were living in the end times during the Spanish flu back in 1918.  World War 1 resulted in 37 million casualties, and the Spanish flu of 1918 -1919 killed more people in 24 weeks than AIDS killed in 24 years.  The carnage from the flu was estimated at 50-100 million deaths worldwide.  There were end time prophets back then as well, and just imagine the hysteria that would have ensued if they had YouTube or Twitter at their disposal!

Sarah was clearly suffering from heavy emotional instability to go through with suicide, an probably had an unstable family background as well.  Her Mormon beliefs have now brought her stability, and I don’t wish discount details of her vision because of that, but it’s important to have all the facts, and recognize the bias.

Her prophecy was very dark, and even mentioned buildings falling in New York which led to the start of a third world war when a nuclear missile was fired from Libya at Israel.  Sarah also tells of an Ebola like virus that ravages the United States and a long cold winter.  This had me sitting up and taking note, especially if all of this was written back in 1979.

I began my research, and I quickly learned from Amazon that her vision was written in her book There is No Death in 2002.

Whaaa waaa…oh well.  We shall now cross her off the list of potential prophets no matter how plausible her “end times” scenario might have been, nor how much it serves to relieve the doom boner of doom lovers everywhere.  There is no way to tell if this “vision” came post 9-11 or back in 1979.

This brings us full circle back to the situation at hand.

I would recommend that we pay attention to the details, that we don’t freak out, but also be prepared as a Boy Scout would recommend.

I know we live in fast times, and short attention spans, but don’t read a sensational headline and let fear or paranoia course through your veins.

Yes it is possible the virus could spread and become a serious problem here in the USA, but it’s not time to blow the trumpets and “come and see”.

~ News Monkey out.

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