Rinse, wash, and repeat (if necessary)

Assad and his wife

Unfortunately I’m not referring to the instructions on a shampoo bottle, but instead referring to the ever escalating crisis in Syria. The United States has basically become the armored fist for NATO, which has effectively transformed itself from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization into a fledgling world army. NATO has gone from defending Europe from the hordes of the Warsaw Pact to bombing Libya and occupying Afghanistan.
I’m not going to claim I understand or know the motivation behind this push for domination and control from Africa to Afghanistan, but the plan is definitely in place. I believe the end game is to weaken Russian and China, but that is a blog post for another time.

The original method for invasion post 9-11 was to blame the dictator/terrorist organization/rogue government for the attack, or paint them as threat to the American people. This worked effectively post 9-11 because most Americans were angry, shocked, and dealing with loss. I know 9-11 personally because I lost a family member that day, and I spent the better part of 10 years researching the subject.

Iraq ruined the plan to create the threat, blame the the threat, and then invade the threat. This occurred because America became disillusioned when the WMD’s were never found, and Afghanistan started to resemble a 21st century Vietnam.

The new method for invasion is to fund rebels in the targeted country, blame the government of the targeted country for crimes against humanity, then set up a “no fly zone” over the country, and finally drop humanitarian bombs of peace on them. Let’s be honest, a “no fly zone” is a PC word for bombing. It’s like starting a bar fight, and afterwards telling the cops you were attempting to create a “no punch zone” to protect everyone.

We saw this no fly zone in Libya, and we’re going to see it in Syria.

The powers that be know you won’t be fully on board with an attack on Syria, so they will pull the humanitarian card. They don’t give a crap about humanity, they just are using language to further their propaganda. Syria and Iran must fall to complete their agenda. Let’s review the major events that occurred in Syria, and in the middle east to further this crisis.

  1. Armed rebels seem to literally pop up out of nowhere engaging the Syrian Army, very similar to the armed rebels in Libya.
  2. The United States and western nations condemn the murders in Syria, and place the blame solely on the Assad regime.
  3. Twin bombings occur in Damascus which re-ignite the tension, and seemingly break the tentative cease fire between the rebels and government.
  4. “Syria Danny” made appearances on CNN with Anderson Cooper. If you do a simple Google search, you’ll read how he was caught faking attacks by the Syrian government to further expand the propaganda, and lure western intervention.
  5. Another atrocity occurred in Syria over Memorial Day weekend. This time in the town of Houla, and some 108 people were murdered. The rebels blame the government, and the government blames the rebels.
  6. The BBC was caught using a photograph from Iraq in 2003 to report the atrocity in Houla.
  7. The USA and it’s allies kick out Syrian diplomats, and say they are ready for a military option.
  8. A former Syrian general appears on CNN, and tells Christine Amanpour the Syrian government would collapse quickly under western bombardment, and the only solution is military intervention.
  9. A computer virus is released on Iran called “flame”, and Israel is again suspected as they were with stuxnet.
    The war games the USA had planned in Jordan have been canceled.

We can see where this is going.

Invasion…or more specifically a “no fly zone” where NATO will drop humanitarian love bombs.

Call me cynical, but I can read them like a book.

I’m sick of war.

Don’t let our once great Republic be used as the armored fist for this nefarious agenda.

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