Vlad Putin riding a comet back to Earth.

Putin has returned

Vladimir Putin has ended his absence, and returned to the public eye, but not without controversy of course.  The video originally released by ABC news of Putin’s return was from January 5, 2015, which led to further speculation that the main stream media was hiding something.  It also led to further speculation by the News Monkey as to whether NBC respects the American IQ or attention span anymore.  The answer is no.  Russia Today then released a video yesterday on March 16, 2015 of Mr. Putin meeting with the President of Kyrgyzstan in St. Petersburg as scheduled .

It’s eye-opening to me just how out-of-control speculation can lead to paranoia, and then to conspiracy with very little to go on.  I became caught up in the “Where’s Putin?” phenomenon myself, and next time I will be more careful.  It’s very easy to get pulled by the tide of the news and to forget to critically think.  I attribute the ease of failure to the 24/7 news cycle which has been with us ever since CNN reared her ugly face, and dawn of the internet, and the pure ultimate power of Twitter and Facebook, .

I’ve repeated often to friends, family, or anyone within earshot, that all positives come with a negative, and all negatives comes with a positive.  Please don’t interpret that statement as cynical, because if you truly analyze or sift through the advent of technology or world shaking events, you can easily find a positive no matter how small in the negative, and a negative no matter how small in the positive.  Life itself presents a challenge no matter the scenario, and maybe, just maybe that’s integral to the game we play.

The internet is a wonderful tool, but can also become a powerful master or mistress.  The internet has given the power to every man or woman to report on the news; hence circumventing the power structure of the corporate controlled and agenda driven “main stream media”, but this great power comes with great responsibility as Uncle Ben, the Bible, Voltaire, and someone in the House of Commons once said.  The power allows all those who are a few cans short of a six-pack to create a YouTube channel.

This great power needs great intuition, and determined analysis.  This goes for the 24/7 news cycle as well.  CNN and others of her ilk have created a phenomenon which is now common place.  The news is at our fingertips, but this very news can also raise the cortisol in the bi-pedal species who inhabit Terra, by feeling the pressure of the cycle upon their psyche.

Ladies and Gentleman, it’s great Vlad the Putin is back, because the world needs a powerful leader to challenge the hegemony and insanity that resides in the minds of NATO “leaders” and Western “Presidents” hell-bent on a Third World War to cover the coming economic collapse.  Vlad flexed his bicep and requested his military to show some force to counter the NATO Reforger exercises occurring in the Baltic, Germany, and Ukraine.  I may write with a humorous twist, but NATO is poking the bear, and poking the bear, and if she continues to do so, that bear will one day strike back and set the world ablaze.  A cornered animal is a dangerous animal, especially if she has nuclear weapons in Crimea.

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