The guided-missile cruiser Philippine Sea launched an attack against Islamic State targets in Syria on Tuesday.

Obama vs. ISIS (The bombing has begun)

Good morning from somewhere in the USA.  Last night American and coalition forces began a bombing campaign focused in the northern part of Syria against ISIS targets centered around Ar-Raqqah.

The early reports indicate the belligerents in the conflict against ISIS are the USA, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.  The attacks were reportedly carried out for the most part from warplanes, drones, and at least 47 tomahawk missiles from U.S. warships stationed in the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf.  All these numbers and the accuracy of the data will be hard to verify, because of the fog and secrecy of war and these operations, but these are the early reports.

As of now there no reports concerning the Russian, Iranian, or Syrian reaction.

I still hold to my belief that these airstrikes will eventually lead to the removal of al-Assad from Syria.  I’ll be sure to post and update later in the day when more data is available.

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