The Moon.

That’s no moon, it’s a space station…

I know what you’re thinking, the monkey has lost his mind.  One too many posts about Syria, and now he has a picture of the moon with the famous line uttered by the crazy old wizard from the Jundland Wastes.  As always, let’s get a few things out of the way first.

1.  I don’t have evidence the Moon is a space station.

2.  I do believe NASA landed men on the moon.

Despite the above admission and belief, there are things very odd about our moon.

I would first ask you to take 10 minutes to watch the following video from Crrow777.  I stumbled across his YouTube video by accident.  There unfortunately isn’t much anymore which can unsettle me, but this video did just that upon first viewing.

What did you think?

I found it very odd, but also credible.  If you check Crrow’s YouTube channel, you’ll find that a subscriber or contact from Germany video taped a similar wave/pulse.

The pulse or energy wave in the video clearly offers question without answers, but adds more evidence to the theory that the moon is not what we’ve been told.  Is it possible there is some ancient technology on the moon which cloaks the surface?
Was the video of the moon landings real?  I’m not suggesting the moon landings were faked, but is it possible that much of the footage was faked or altered in case something went wrong on the mission?

It would be a major public relations nightmare if the astronauts failed or were killed during the landing, especially at the height of the Cold War, and why haven’t we been back to the moon?

Or have we?

That’s enough with the questions, let’s look at some additional videos.

Moon Videos:

The following video is an interview with David Icke, in which he goes into his theory on the Moon.  I don’t agree with all David Icke has to say, but he’s well read on the subject, and has an interesting point of view.  The video is bit long, but worth the watch if you’re interested in his theories.

Christopher Knight and Alan Butler wrote a book in 2006 called “Who Built The Moon”.  You can find their book on Amazon.  I haven’t had the chance yet to read the book, but the following is a book review from YouTube.

I again reiterate that I don’t have a belief one way or the other on the subject of the origin of the Moon, but the evidence gathered is intriguing, and leads one to interesting conclusions.

I’ve said before in a previous blog, that when it comes to conspiracy or subterfuge, it’s best to do your own research, and look at all sides of the argument and the evidence before coming to a conclusion.

I hope this gets you started if you find it intriguing.

 Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright.

~ Jenny Williams

The Wolf Man (1941)

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