Lunar Wave

I’ve been at the “new age” game for a long time now. You can label it how you see fit; it’s an interest in the paranormal, conspiracy “theory”, those things that go bump in the night, or steal steak knives from your drawer when you’re not looking. After all this time I’ve developed a pretty good bullshit detector, and it’s because I’ve learned the hard way. I’ve been suckered and duped plenty of times by charlatans and nutters, but now know better.

That said, I’ve been following Crrow777 or Crrow Triple Horn as he sometimes refers to himself on YouTube. He lives in or around San Diego, and does a wonderful job of filming chem-trails, UFO’s, satellites, the Sun, and the Moon. He’s very transparent, and explains his filming techniques in detail when posting videos.

Last year he posted a video about a “lunar wave” which he filmed one night in 2012, and since then he’s had the wave corroborated from a few others around the world. Not surprisingly, astronomers and scientists have been silent, and don’t have an interest in analyzing the videos or giving a well thought explanation. I would like you to take 5 minutes and 36 seconds, and watch his latest video before you read any further.

The video you just watched was a review of the first video Crrow recorded of the lunar wave. The first time I watched the video it sent a chill of fear through me. I felt I was witnessing an event that had been kept hidden from the general population for years. Could it be that the moon is a satellite of some sort, with a cloaking device to make it look like a barren moon?

If NASA was as transparent as they claim to be we wouldn’t need to speculate. Why don’t we have HD video of the Moon for all to see? I find it hard to believe that in 2015 we can not simply land a rover on the Moon and beam back HD video. We supposedly landed astronauts on the Moon 43 years ago.

It’s ridiculous when you realize how long it’s been, and how fast technology advances.

I know I must appear to be a nutter speaking this way about the Moon, but I’m only flexing my mind in a healthy way and trying to make sense out of what was recorded. I would very much like a rational explanation from scientists and astronomers who are better educated than myself, but I’m not holding my breath.

You can find aerial photos online from Apollo 17 that supposedly show tracks and footprints from our last Moon visit in 1972. I can not simply dismiss the photos, but the lunar wave has made me question what we’ve been told about the Moon. If you go through Crrow’s channel you’ll find enough evidence that will make you think twice as well.

It is possible that the lunar wave has something to do with the Earth’s atmosphere and a more down to Earth explanation can be found, but until then I will wonder that just maybe George Lucas was subconsciously on to something when he wrote, “That’s no moon, that’s a space station…”.

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