5 thoughts on “Lunar Wave…wow!”

  1. The “wave” is definitely visible and does appears at regular intervals…but what exactly does it mean. Or at least, what are the theories being proposed for what it may be indicative of? Is it a man made phenom or is it explainable in scientific terms?
    But again…what do you think it means?

    1. Fox I’m at a loss of words to be honest. Crrow777 has few ideas that he touches upon in his videos, but it’s just theory. He believe it’s a facade, like a camouflage which shields from us what the real moon looks like. I tend to agree with him. In this recent video he was able to predict when the wave would appear based on Russian research from Hatybow which he covers. If you want to read some real woo woo out there stuff about the moon, google “Saturn Moon Matrix” or “Saturn Moon Black Cube”. It’s out there for sure, but very interesting in my opinion given his documentation of this phenomenon on the Moon.

        1. You’re welcome. I find it very interesting myself, especially the black cube, and the hexagonal cloud pattern on Saturn’s north pole. I’ve only read very general theories and hypothesis on it’s cause, but that’s why seeing this strange wave pattern on the Moon makes me wonder if Icke was actually onto something with his Saturn-Moon matrix theory. It’s a stretch, and I would personally would need more validation, but as you said; It’s a starting point to work back from.

    2. Regular intervals? Really? What is the frequency of this event? The most obvious cause is atmospheric disturbance (most likely the wake of a high altitude plane). Crow777’s explaination is, of course, insane.

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