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ISIS declares the Islamic Caliphate

ISIS announced today they have named Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as “the caliph” of their new state and the “leader for Muslims everywhere”.   They also requested they should no longer be known as ISIS or ISIL, but simply as ‘The Islamic State’.

According to Russia Today:

This is the first time since the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1923 that a Caliph – which means a political successor to Prophet Muhammad – has been declared. The decision was made following the group’s Shura Council meeting on Sunday, according to ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani.

This is a major escalation, and has added even more weight to recent events in the Middle East.  The situation was serious to start with, but announcing a caliph can, and I predict will draw followers and strength to ISIS from around the world, and give them a legitimacy not seen before from extremist militants.

I’m also concerned, because ISIS appears to be organized better than the Sunni extremist groups who are fighting Assad in Syria.  According to video and news reports, ISIS has their blood stained hands on U.S. military equipment, and they may also have their hands on those missing stingers from Benghazi.

We should also ask who or what is funding ISIS, and why ISIS hasn’t been stopped cold in their tracks.  The United States has the proven ability to unleash hell from above when they choose.  You only have to look back to the Gulf War in 1991 and the Highway of Death for a perfect example.  Why can’t then the United States use her air power to stop the ISIS march towards Baghdad?

Highway of death, iraqi soldier
Dead Iraqi soldier on the Highway of Death, Photo Credit – Kenneth Jarecke

I personally believe there is a heavy hand of manipulation waving to and fro in the Middle East.  Let’s take a look at the sides, and who each considers their enemy.

USA (American Empire) – allied with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and now possibly Iran (though I believe the USA is attempting to pull Iran into a war in Iraq with ISIS as way of weakening Iran as well as invading Syria.

Saudi Arabia – They are a Sunni nation, who is “allied” with the USA, Israel, and Jordan.  The Saudi Royal family makes it very clear they consider Iran (Shiite) their enemy.  We also should remember the supposed hijackers on 9/11 were all Sunni’s from Saudi Arabia, and that Osama Bin Laden was also a Sunni.

Israel – A Jewish nation backed militarily and monetarily by the American Empire.  They are also allied with Saudi Arabia and Jordan, but “allied” is a loose term with Israel.

Iraq – President Maliki has grown close to Shia Iran, and his cabinet is reported to be mostly or all Shia.

The agenda being pushed from government news stations like CNN, is that President Maliki must be removed from power in Iraq, and the government must equally include Sunnis and Shias as well.  Keep in mind that Saudi Arabia considers Iran it’s enemy, and would prefer all nations in the Middle East to become Sunni.  That’s why I believe they could also be a major funder of ISIS.  They clearly would like to see the Iraqi government become Sunni, the take down of Assad in Syria, and the take down of Iran.

It makes sense to me that ISIS has been allowed to exit Syria, and begin their invasion of Iraq which threatens the Maliki government. If the Maliki government falls, it will give the USA the excuse to again become involved militarily with Iraq.  This involvement will take them all the way to Syria to ouster Assad, since the Sunni rebels backed by the USA and Saudi Arabia clearly failed.

This is setting up one hell of a shit storm in our times.  All nations have their own agenda for the Middle East, and all nations have their militant pawns used to further the agenda when they cannot overtly get involved in the conflict.  It’s clear that Sunni Jihadists have been used by the USA, Saudi Arabia, and Israel at different points in time to further their agenda.  This is a dangerous precedent, because religious war can get out of control and start a fire you can not control.

I don’t mean to sound so grim, but the signs of major regional war in the Middle East are in the making, and don’t forget the flash point in the Ukraine that could explode at any time.  Vlad Putin of Russia clearly doesn’t want to get involved, and is at once attempting to show his tough strongman side, but also knows his country can be crippled by sanctions from the West which will inevitably lead to war.

I believe this is what elements in the West want, but this is not going to be contained like the previous two Gulf Wars.  There are very real extremists gaining power in ISIS, and they are cruel and vicious.  Only someone who is brain washed can commit crucifixions, beheadings, and executions against non-Sunnis who cross their path.


I’ve been interested in Nostradamus since I stumbled across Rene Noorbergen’s “Nostradamus: Predicts the End of the World” as a kid.

Nostradamus book cover
Photo Credit – News Monkey


The book has some wild predictions as you can see from the front cover, but it really captured my imagination as a kid.  I went so far as to recreate the battles described in the book with my plastic army men. Yes, I was an only child for a long time.

The interpreters of the book speak about an Islamic invasion of Europe from the Middle East.  After reading over 10 different books on Nostradamus, one thing remained consistent: and Islamic invasion of Europe.  It sounds impossible, because the Arabs nor the Persians have been able to muster the strength nor the organization to ever seriously threaten the west or Europe for that matter.

I start to wonder now with a well funded ISIS on the scene, and the declaration of a Caliph.

Is it possible they could become strong enough to conquer the Middle East and threaten Europe with invasion?

I’m not a prophet, but the possibility gathers momentum unless they are stopped.

A map released by ISIS showing their plans for the Middle East

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4 thoughts on “ISIS declares the Islamic Caliphate”

  1. Zach,

    I agree. I also believe the media is grooming the west and in particular the USA for a major false flag larger than 9-11.

    The attack would have to be larger and more terrifying in nature to induce fear in the population and world wide, because much of America has become numb to hearing and seeing death (on TV) on a daily basis.

    The false flag would also give the excuse to go full out out in the Middle East again and to re-ignite the agenda to topple Syria and Iran.

    As always, I hope to be wrong, but I believe the signs are there.

  2. “…with a well funded ISIS on the scene, and the declaration of a Caliph.” (?!)
    Of course they are “well funded”…nearly every inch of the industrial/military complex of several countries are funding this “uprising” well as the “deterrent” against it. It’s a win-win for the investors. ISIS wins, and these aligned countries have the potential for continuing war and the profit that comes from it.. ISIS loses, and there’s territory to be gained and assimilated…and thus profited from from it as well.
    We’re all being induced through the media to be sentimental about all this. But this is all not a simple act of the cruel nature of the human behaviors.
    This is all a manufactured crisis for the sake of economic necessity, by those who only know world leadership to mean consumption.

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