ISIS? Who are they, and who is funding them?

I was planning to write-up and article on just who and what ISIS are, but I found a special report from Infowars on the very subject which was very well done.  I’ll embed the video at the end of the post.

A few questions.

Why hasn’t ISIS been stopped?

Why have they been allowed to slaughter thousands of Iraqi troops, decapitate and crucify Christians, and slaughter women and children of other minority religious groups?

I’m sure the majority of Americans would support drone strikes against these beasts, but don’t worry the hypocrite in chief is coming to the rescue before he takes a rest, and plays another round of golf.

Obama - lord of the flies
Lord of the Flies

Keep in mind where ISIS/ISIL are operating, and who they are attacking.  You would think with a name like ISIL which stands for the Islamic state of Iraq, Syria, and the levant Israel would be quite upset, and going on about how they need to be stopped in their tracks, but we haven’t heard a peep out of Israel in regards to ISIS/ISIL.  The levant includes Israel,  which would mean the destruction of Israel if ISIS/ISIL are allowed to fulfill the meaning of their chosen name.

Also, from what I’ve gathered this Islamic proxy army was trained by the United States in Jordan to take down Assad, which hasn’t gone according to plan.  The beasts moved into Iraq declaring a caliphate, and threatening the Shiite majority government in Baghdad.

Who would like to see Iraq’s Shiite government collapse more than Saudi Arabia, the gulf state allies, the USA, and Israel.  Iraq closely allied with Iran does the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel no good.  This is why they are being allowed to roll into Iraq on convoy of Toyota and Ford vehicles.

It’s who ISIS is threatening is what gives you the clue to who they are being funded by.  I guarantee you won’t see this group attack Israel, but the recent bombings will give ISIS the excuse to threaten America, which in turn will give the perpetrators of 9-11 another excuse to commit a false flag in the United States, which in turn will get the ball rolling to start World War 3 which they so desperately desire.

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