I have returned…

It’s been a long time since I posted on my poor neglected blog, but I was off the last 10 weeks in the mystical and sublime land of FEWD; or Front End Web Development. I’m now going steady with a number of html elements, and their sexy friends such as; h1-h6, div, float: left, float: right, css, jQuery, and var = “I’m confused”.

I’ve left quite a few elements out for the sake of time and boredom, but I hope there are no hard feelings, because I love you all equally.

I was thoroughly inundated with the flow of information, and I’m now attempting to use all I’ve learned. As you can see from the appearance of my blog; I’ve already have. Let’s go over some of the new “features”, and give you a tour of the place.

The “home” tab will now be my landing page where you can read all my current postings. Under the “news” tab you can stop by and check out the most up to date news headlines from the all powerful google. You might be thinking; “what’s a page like this using google to decide what’s news?”, and I totally agree with that point of view, but I can’t update this site 24/7, and the speed of the news today is absoloutely ridiculous! I would need a four man team to adequately keep on top of it.

Moving along we find the “podcast” page, which will bring you what you would come to expect from the title. I also plan to host the mp3 files myself soon enough to save money. The “blog archive” contains all my previous posts as you can determine, and as time ticks along I will move the postings on the home page into the archive. The next three tabs “the weird”, “history”, and “contact me” are still under construction, but the contact me page is at least functional. So if you want to drop me a line; you can send me an e-mail or link up with me by clicking on the twitter icon in the footer.

“The Weird” tab will contain all those stories that are just down right Weird!! Or stories that make you go “wtf!?”. The “History” tab will include my very own history lessons page. Consider it a page where I hope to teach history in the most un-biased way possible.

That’s all for now! I hope you like the new look of the website and come back to check it often. As General McCarthur returned to the Phillipines, the News Monkey returned to the News Monkey. One was a little more dramatic than the other, but who’s keeping score anyway?.

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