Who is the News Monkey?

The News Monkey was born on May 8, 2012 as “just another WordPress site”. Since then the site has been transformed three times. It has been neglected, obsessed about, and forgotten, but of course in no particular order. Despite everything that has transpired I’ve managed to keep coming back over the months to update the website.News Monkey was born while enduring a difficult change in my life, and now holds a special place in my heart. The personification of a website is a bit strange, but I ask you to refrain from judgement.I also feel somewhere down the path of life I missed my calling as a journalist, and I now live vicariously through the Monkey logo and preach from my idealistic soapbox like a martyr scorned by his own fate.

You’ll no doubt find words here that will strike a nerve with you both positively and negatively. My views come influenced at the start by two wonderful Catholic grandmothers, one Sicilian and one Czechoslovakian.

I’ve dabbled and stumbled into a myriad of places and philosophies, and I’ve arrived here with something of an eclectic and eccentric background. I cover conspiracy, paranormal, and of course the news. I interject my belief and opinions, and do my best to remain fair and unbiased if possible. I’ll admit it’s a very difficult task at times, but I do my best.

I consider myself versed (as a layman) in prophecy, and I will occasionally analyze the words of the prophets of our world, and how they may relate to current events of our ever-changing times and quickening future.

The world is a sublime place, and I only wish to understand it more.

This is what I hope to do.

I blog. I podcast. I consider no subject taboo, and I welcome you.

News Monkey

Where the monkey is free to flex his first amendment right…