Global Warming, Chemtrails, and Man-Bear-Pig

Global warming and chemtrails are the main topic of today’s post, but first I want you to sit back and watch the following video.  Please pay close attention to what is being said.  It should be very apparent if you watch it with a clear mind.

So what did you think?

What I heard from the man who claims to have invented the internet (wrong), is that chemtrails exist.  He also attempted a slick politician psych job on the audience, by placing homophobes and racists in the same sentence as those who don’t agree that global warming is happening.  According to Al Gore; you’re a racist or a homophobe if you don’t follow the party line on global warming.  This is exactly what he means when he said “winning the conversation”, and went on to recall a racist incident he experienced, and a homophobic one he “heard” about happing in a pizza place.

Ellen prompts man/bear/pig at the start of the clip by saying she heard a rumor that “some scientists” want to block out the Sun to slow down global warming.  You’ve heard a rumor Ellen?  It’s more like a reality, unless of course you’ve read the wikipedia page on chemtrails which will say you’re a nutter if you “believe” in them.

Well Ellen, the man/bear/pig just admitted that “some” scientists wish to spray sulfur dioxide in the air to block out the Sun, and that it will ruin our blue sky, and Al doesn’t agree with the idea.  Well thank God for that Al!?

Okay Mr. man/bear/pig, what and where is the truth?  Here are my questions for the “man”.

1.  Is global warming real, or is it just a manipulation of the data to allow more control over the population, and foster and encourage population, resource control, and taxation?

2.  If you admit they have a plan for spraying sulfur dioxide, than you should admit that sulfur dioxide contributes to acid rain, instead of blaming “global warming pollution”.  Isn’t that counter productive?

3.  I’ve seen the chemtrails myself, and for years have been called crazy for even recording my observations.  There is enough evidence out there proving we are being sprayed, and if sulfur dioxide is not being sprayed, then what is, and what exactly is the cause  of global dimming?

I won’t claim that I have enough evidence to prove that global warming or climate change is not occurring, but I don’t want to labeled a racist or homophobic if I don’t agree with the current conclusions.  Especially when there is evidence to the contrary. Global Warming theorists can’t have their cake and eat it too.  They can’t use every natural disaster as further evidence to back their theory.

I’m all for taking care of the environment, and there are many threats to our planet that need to be addressed, besides having us wash our clothes in cold water, or changing our lightbulbs to the “energy saver” fluorescent bulbs which cast a horrible zombie light.

So what is is it man/bear/pig?  I’m sorry to be so rude, but I don’t like your political snake tactics when on a talk show.  I also don’t like the idea of you “winning the conversation” if that means questioning your crusade is akin to being homophobic or racist.

Below I’m going to link two good youtube videos concerning chemtrails, and the documentary “What In The World Are They Spraying” which I highly recommend.  Following the videos you will find some helpful links on chemtrails.  You’ll also find links below that will help you in a conversation with a smug “liberal” when they ask you condescendingly “did you learn anything in school” when you don’t agree with the regurgitated pontification from their pie hole!  🙂

News Monkey out!

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