Demons from the Middle East

The boys in black, the demons of the Middle East have decided to increase their evil by decapitating women. I suppose drowning captives in a pool, blowing them up in a car with an RPG, or blowing off their heads with explosives like the explosive collar in the Running Man wasn’t enough to satisfy their perverted desires.

These sick bastards have already executed women by shooting them in the head, but this wasn’t enough. I’m not sure who is more demon possessed; Mexican drug cartels or ISIS. I hate even mentioning their deeds, because they are so foul and unclean. I feel by just mentioning them it creates negative energy in the air.

The demons in black have spread from Syria to Iraq to Libya to Tunisia, and now they are reported to have burned poppy fields in Afghanistan. How the hell did they get over there?
Their CIA handlers won’t be happy about having their product torched. I guess someone in the ISIS chain of command didn’t get the memo that drugs are used to fund secrets wars around the world.

I don’t understand why “liberals” in this country can get away with calling white people racist or being the number one terrorist threat when one nut-job kills 9 black people in a church in South Carolina, but when 27 people are killed in Tunisia, followed with a decapitation in France, and a bomb in Kuwait; you read that Islam is a religion of peace, and it’s Islamophobic to put 2 + 2 together.  Sure there are plenty of peaceful Muslims throughout world, but Islam needs a reformation, and bad! Why can’t we generalize about Muslims?

Why does Wal-Mart refuse to make a cake with the Virginia Battle flag, but instead has no problem baking a cake with the demonic flag of the demons in black from the fertile crescent? Oh I know, it’s because we live in an upside down world where bad is good, and good is bad.

ISIS is allowed to grow like a nasty sick cancer throughout the Middle East, because someone or something has an agenda for them to fulfill. They will be allowed to attack Europe, and when the time is right they will be allowed or helped in order to pull off the biggest terrorist attack since 9/11.

I do hate writing about these punks, but they continue to make news in the most ghastly way.

If demons exist, well then these cowards are definitely possessed.

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