There is quite a lot going on in the news today, but I wanted to focus on the morning’s bombing in Damascus.

The bombings took place during the morning rush hour, and as the dust settled from this horrific incident, RT reported that at least 55 were killed, and 372 wounded in the twin bomb explosion. 

No one has yet claimed responsibility, but as expected the Syrian Government and Free Syrian Army are pointing fingers at each other. The blame has also been applied to the Mossad and CIA, according to the Turkish Daily

I need to digress for a moment…

An acquaintance of mine who spent quite some time in the Navy (80′s & 90′s), once told me a tactic employed by the U.S. Navy during the Gulf War, was to launch a tomahawk missile, and then wait about 30 minutes to follow up on the same target with a second missile to kill the medical personel, military personel, or whoever showed up to have a look around.

Now with that in mind, read the following paragraph from Russia Today;

“The blasts happened in quick succession during the morning rush hour, just as employees were arriving to work. An initial small explosion was followed by a much larger blast allegedly targeted at paramedics and security forces arriving at the scene, AP reports.”
RT’s description of the event is eerily similar.

I’m in NO WAY accusing the U.S. Navy, but this tactic is very reminiscent of what I was told. Suffice to say, whoever did this was a professional. Given the size of the two explosions, and the tactics used, the bombers would have had prior military experience, and a knowledge of explosives. There is a chance a rag tag, blind fire, band of rebels, supplied with old Soviet equipment could have thought to employ the tactic, but it seems unlikely.

Anyone using this tactic on innocent men, women, and children, is a murderer and a coward.

These two explosions were extremely massive as you can see from the following video.

The following link contains photographs from shortly after the explosions. Be forewarned, the pictures are GRAPHIC. Please do not click the link if you’re easily offended or disturbed. graphic pictures

The bombing is going to reignite the unrest in Syria, and may very well end the cease fire between the Free Syrian Army and the Syrian Government. The act will spread more fear and destruction throughout Syria, which is exactly what the perpetrators of this disgusting act wished for.

Now if we move our GPS south a moment to the kingdom of Jordan, we’ll see the USA is gearing up for a three week exercise with 15 other countries.

In my observation, exercise leads to action.

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