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Crrow777 – conspiracy nervous breakdown

It’s not good form for me to call out Crrow777 on a blog post, but I feel he has gone a bit off the rails in his analysis lately, and I would welcome his comments here if he comes across my post.

I first came across Crrow777’s YouTube channel about 6 months ago.  He states in his about section the following:

I will only post clips as they were shot and will not alter or add misleading content. I further pledge that I will not post deceptive or false footage. Much of what we have been told about our moon, solar system, UFO’s and the importance of scientific astrology is deceptive or fails to include the entire picture.

– Crrow777

To Crrow777’s credit, he has some good videos on his channel.  He’s filmed chem-trails, orbs, and even UFO’s crossing in front of the Moon.  He’s well spoken and very straight forward.

I was amazed by his “Lunar Wave” footage, because it did appear to be an actual filmed event.  Crrow777 was contacted by other Moon watcher’s throughout the world who caught the “wave” on film.  This wave has now been filmed over 9 times.

Crrow777 (I’m going to call him Crow going forward) started to make a name for himself, and appeared on two internet podcasts. One called Grimerica, and the other The Higher Side Chats, or THC. The THC guys must really love weed.

I began to second guess my opinion of Mr. Crow after I listened to him on these shows.

Here are few points Crow has made, that I have a problem with.

  1. He doesn’t believe humanity can leave low Earth orbit, and this belief apparently extends to satellites.
  2. He doesn’t accept any visual footage from NASA.  He operates under the assumption that all images and film are fake or manipulated.
  3. Furthermore, he’s commented on one of his YouTube videos that he doesn’t believe the ISS is real either.
  4. He believes Paul Walker faked his death, and this evidence is encoded in his date of birth date and date of death.
  5. Crow also believes that information about the Sun and Moon are encoded in songs and movies, and entertainment is not just entertainment, but to condition the public’s mind.

Crow’s belief that humanity can not leave low Earth orbit is fine, but if he wants to be taken seriously other than expressing a strong opinion, he will have to present more evidence.  To my knowledge he’s only referenced one article on the Van Allen Belts, and uses his footage as evidence that all satellites or UFO’s are in low Earth orbit.

I think it’s extremely paranoid of Crow to not accept any video or photo of Earth from NASA.  I realize that NASA has been shady, and continues to be shady with their control on information, but to make the leap that you cannot accept anything from them is an extreme leap, an requires more evidence.  It is fine if Crow holds this opinion of NASA, but I can’t take it him or his opinion seriously, because we’re talking about a conspiracy on such a vast scale, that simple compartmentalization could not be effective in controlling everyone.

I also find it extremely ridiculous to deny the existence of the ISS.  If he believes that all video taken within the ISS is completely fake, than how do you disprove amateur astronomers capturing the ISS from Earth on camera, and even spotting it during the day?  The point is he cannot, and he’s simply wrong.

Crow’s opinion about Paul Walker baffles me.  I’m willing to listen to any theory or claim, but if you’re going to state it like a fact as Crow did on Grimerica, you then lose credibility and just sound like a nut. This is what makes people roll their eyes about conspiracy, paranormal, or UFO’s.  My recommendation is to not make crazy statements as fact if you can’t back them up with at least some evidence.

I think Crow’s opinion on movies holds more weight than any of his previous statements.  There is enough evidence that entertainment is used as propaganda, and as a way to condition the population.  If you’re interested in this subject, I would point you towards the CIA’s entertainment liaison as a starting point.

I don’t want to take anything away from all the time and effort Crow has put into filming, but I question his analysis.  I still am of the opinion that he’s filmed something real in the Lunar Wave, but what caused the lunar wave requires more analysis, and you need to have it filmed at the same time from two separate locations to prove this is not an atmospheric event, and localized to the Moon.

Recently Crow was concerned, because when you search for Crrow777 on Google maps the results would return Cern.  He then made comments that he was personally being chem-trailed so that he couldn’t continue his filming.  In his most recent video he claims he’s filming “shadow-ships” servicing the Moon, but they look a lot like birds or bats to me.  Maybe they are shadow-ships, but this man has taken a massive leap from documenting reality to claiming he’s filming shadow-ships.

I will still follow Mr. Crow to see what he comes up with, but I’m going to be exceptionally careful about promoting his work again until he can either present better evidence or come back down to Earth.

In summary I don’t want to discount Crow’s work, but I use him as a warning.  There are secrets, conspiracies, UFO’s, and things that go bump in the night, but you need to do your research or provide some evidence when making big claims such as the Moon is an illusion, and we can’t leave low-Earth orbit, or the ISS is a hoax.

There are many crazy people in the world.  You can find people online that believe nuclear weapons are a hoax, the Earth is flat, NASA is completely fake, and space Jews run the world.  The bottom line is this; if you want to make wild claims, please present evidence and be as transparent as possible, because otherwise you give the rest of us and these topics a bad name.



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    1. Barzini,

      This isn’t proof of a flat-Earth, and on the contrary proves a curvature of the Earth.

      #1. The photo was reported to have been taken from the sand dunes at Grand Mere State Park in Michigan. There are sand dunes there with an elevation of almost 700 feet. You would need that data in order to correctly calculate how low the buildings should be on the horizon.

      #2. You can clearly see a drop in the buildings which means they are disappearing behind the curvature of the Earth. I’m going to guess at least 30% of the buildings are not being seen. This guess is based on working in Chicago for over a year.

      #3. A superior mirage can be right side up or upside down depending on the distance and the temperature.

      #4 The fact that a superior mirage can be filmed or photographed proves the curvature of the Earth, because the optical illusion wouldn’t be seen if the Earth was flat.

      1. 1) The presenter himself says that the buildings should be invisible due to the horizon – are you saying he made a mistake?

        2) Of course the buildings are disappearing. This is simply the law of perspective. If you stand on a highway, the lamp post which is nearest to you will appear higher than the one which is furthest away, even though they are the same size.

        3 +4) I’m not buying this mirage story, that quite simply does not look like a mirage… seems a far too convenient explanation

        I’m not actually arguing that the earth is flat, just that what we have been told about our earth doesn’t make sense……

  1. Hello all, I’ve been away for a while but I’m back. There is a lot to respond to. I’ll start with the latest from Jon.

    Do I believe the Apollo footage is real? No I don’t, but I do believe we landed on the moon. It makes sense to me they would film the landing in a studio to make sure there were no mistakes, and hide the real footage. The Cold War was a tense time, and it would have been a public relations nightmare for the United States if something horrible or tragic went wrong.

    I’ll take a look at the links below and respond, but before I do that I would like it if you could explain the Coriolis effect?

    If you believe we live on a flat-Earth, and you have enough evidence to prove so, than you should be able to give a valid explanation.

    It’s a well documented effect, and military snipers must account for it.

  2. Monkey, do you believe the Apollo footage to be real ?
    If so, then I understand your position. But if you believe that NASA lied about Apollo, then why would you believe anything from NASA ?

    If, as we’re told, the sun side of an object is boiling hot, while the shadow side is 200 degrees below zero, how can satellites or space suits function in that environment ?

    Here’s a hard-to-believe story. But even harder to believe is what we see starting at 3 mins. As the astro-not closes the airlock hatch behind him, the hatch flops around as though made of cardboard. This flimsy hatch is going to withstand pressures and micro meteorites ?

    Here, a caller asks Michio Kaku about the space suits and their cooling systems. Why does Kaku totally avoid addressing the caller’s point, and talk about the flag and shadows instead ?

    There’s plenty of evidence that the videos of astro-nots in the ISS are faked.

    Many people think, “If it was all faked, NASA would do a better job of faking it instead of leaving all these ‘clues’ for conspiracy theorists”. To those people I would say, “Why should NASA care about some sloppiness when you believe whatever they tell you anyway ?”

  3. Barzini, You should do a little reading on remote sensing. The text accompanying this animation points out that each color picture is made up of 3 separate exposures taken about 30 seconds apart. That means that the pictures are going to be a little smeared, as if you did a 3 color separation printing job with the 3 layers not quite properly registered. Landsat, used for sensing of vegetation, land use and similar things has separate sensors for each of several bandwidths and the use of the data requires merging it.

    To me, the hokey appearance of this animation suggests it’s authenticity. If I was trying to fake something like this, I’d make it snazzier to increase credibility.

    According to this:, the satellite has a 140Kbps downlink, takes 2048 x 2048 pixel images, but averages them down to 1024×1024 so that they can transmit 10 images per hour. That says that each R,G or B image takes 6 minutes to download to earth. It also says that the frames (made up of 3 images each) are about an hour apart. (The camera takes images in series of 10 narrow wavelenght bands).

    1. Thanks for the detailed reply, I’ve come across some explanations like this before. I freely admit I lack the capacity to understand what it’s all about…….

      However, it’s 2015, surely we should have some video of the earth rotating, the moon going round the earth etc…. by now that is actually realistic?

      That’s all that would be needed to quiet the doubters. Are you telling me NASA has never thought of, or worked out how to, take some regular pictures or video of the earth rotating?

      Why are there no images of satellites?

      Here’s something else that everyone got wet and sticky over but which looks totally ridiculous

  4. I replied to this, but nothing was posted, so will try again…..

    I’m not looking for an argument and am highly skeptical of Crrow’s moon hologram nonsense…..

    However, are these videos really the proof you would use to convince people that the ISS exists?

    Why is there no video of the earth rotating, why do we have hardly any images of the earth from space at all? all of which are made from composites according to Nasa…..why are there no pictures of satellites?

    There’s nothing wrong in being skeptical about this, it’s perfectly reasonable to question……for me the proof just isn’t there

  5. No, I’m not arguing anything…..

    I’m asking you to post a link to a single photo or video of or taken by the ISS or a single photo or video of a satellite that you believe is real…..

    That’s all you have to do to win your argument, that’s really easy, so why not do it?

  6. Can you post a link to a NASA photo which you believe is real?

    Can you post a link to a photo which you believe proves the existence of a satellite?

    Can you post a link to a photo of the ISS or a video taken by the ISS that looks real?

    This is all you need to do to prove your argument……

  7. This guy is a loonie…I cannot imagine who people can take him seriously.

    You summed up my own thoughts well.

    Don’t get me wrong. I do believe there is a world-wide agenda of sorts to control and manipulate people, create wars, create chaos, etc…there is not doubt about that IMO.

    But as you say, he has NO proof at all about what he is claiming. He claims people can’t believe NASA and everyone has been lied to. Yet he expects people to simply believe what he says in return. Can you feel the arrogance? He is quite arrogant.

    He has mentioned “I have a game changer” for like over 2 years now…nothing he has provided has shown anything extraordinary…even the lunar wave as he calls it (a weak attempt to name things to get himself recognized) is simply an optical atmospheric phenomenon.

    He expects people to believe in shadow ships and holograms when all he has done is video out of focus black flying objects in darkness back-lit by the moon?

    Would he bet his life on this evidence? I doubt it very much.

    1. I’ve challenged him on his beliefs a few times after I heard that he doesn’t believe the ISS is manned and in orbit around the Earth, but he always responds with (and I’m paraphrasing) we can choose what to believe, which is a fair enough statement, but he’ll then turn right around and claim that people who disagree with him or who are trying to prove him wrong are just out to “defame” him.

      He’s clearly a few cans short of a six pack, and I agree that he’s extremely arrogant. He recently added another blog post to the Higher Side Chats site, and it was rambling, and went on and on about Hatybov this, and Hatybov that. It’s a shame, because I think he may have actually caught something odd with the lunar wave, but I can no longer take him seriously.

      1. I honestly think he’s caught an atmospheric wave and all he’s out to do is sell shirts and make money from idiots who believe him.

        Every single thing about his actions points to a fraud. Everything. From his claims to how he berates people to his incredible hypocrisy.

        I don’t know if you are aware but there is a guy on another channel who has, for all practical purposes, nailed Crrow to a cross and proven him wrong.

        Here is his channel:

        Crrow has gotten so desperate that like a petulant child, he has claimed copyright infringement on a couple of Dazz’s videos…primarily the ones that show a “lunar” wave caught on camera by passing aircraft jet exhausts.

        When you hear Dazz talk, he’s methodical, uses a scientific approach, sounds sane, and talks logically.

        Check it out and take a look for yourself….Crrow is history.

        1. I’ve watched a few of Dazz’s videos, and he seems like a reasonable guy that is looking for answers, and doesn’t jump to conclusions about what he’s caught on video.

          He just did a video where he shows how the telescope itself is the reason for the donut shaped “shadow ships” that Crrow claims are “servicing the moon illusion”. It amazes me that Crrow has the audacity to claim his channel is a “discovery project” yet he jumps to conclusions that whatever is passing in front of his scope is a “shadow ship” and then he went as far to claim they have a “collision avoidance system”, and used to donuts averting each other as the evidence of the collision avoidance system! It never crossed his mind or nor could he accept that his shadow ships might just be bats or insects, or even a bird.

          It’s so ridiculous!

          I still find his lunar wave video interesting, and Daz might have have found the answer in the passing jet, but I still would like Crrow to agree to have a person film at the same time in a different part of the country to catch the wave, because he did say he could predict these lunar waves after reading the research papers of his Hatybov which he repeats ad nauseam.

          Oh and don’t forget the “thousands of hours” that we hear from him every time he records a video.

        2. Take a closer look at Dazza.

          He is prone to many unsympathetic traits, if not by malice then certainly by ignorance and arrogance. He is also very fear based, which closes him down to many interesting avenues of thought.

          Considering Dazzas’ situation it is not hard to imagine why he moves forth the way he does but I think it is important to understand that the man behind the message has his own agenda. He is in no way the neutral astronomer/scientist he portrays himself to be.

          For the record, I have no personal interest in defending Crrow777 in particular. My beef is with the armchair debunking of Dazza et al.

          1. Two,
            You have a point.
            I’ve noticed Dazza hasn’t added a YouTube video in over 3 weeks. It seems like he had or has a vendetta against Crrow777 now that I look at it in hindsight.
            I’m not siding with Crrow by any stretch, but I think you have a point with Dazza’s intentions. He reminds me a little of The “Amazing” Randy who likes to debunk with a strong bias, but claims to be scientific.

      2. I honestly think he’s caught an atmospheric wave and all he’s out to do is sell shirts and make money from idiots who believe him.

        Every single thing about his actions points to a fraud. Everything. From his claims to how he berates people to his incredible hypocrisy.

        I don’t know if you are aware but there is a guy on another channel who has, for all practical purposes, nailed Crrow to a cross and proven him wrong.

        Here is his channel:

        Crrow has gotten so desperate that like a petulant child, he has claimed copyright infringement on a couple of Dazz’s videos…primarily the ones that show a “lunar” wave caught on camera by passing aircraft jet exhausts.

        When you hear Dazz talk, he’s methodical, uses a scientific approach, sounds sane, and talks logically.

        Check it out and take a look for yourself….Crrow is history.

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