Cremation of Care

I decided to conduct some research on the Cremation of Care, and the Bohemian Grove’s 40 foot concrete owl.  The owl can also be found in aerial shots of Washington D.C.

Many researchers assume the large stone owl is a symbol or representation for Moloch the Canaanite God of child sacrifice, but I couldn’t find conclusive information.  What can I really expect after only a few hours of searching Google?  This brings to mind the problem (which is an understatement) of allowing Google to arbitrate all knowledge and information.

The Bohemian Boys do a mock child sacrifice at the grove, but they explain it as benign ritual to rid themselves of their “cares” of the world, so they can have a jolly good time, and drink and eat their élite asses off the rest of the night.  I find that hard to swallow.

Anyway, here is good video explanation from ex-Satanist Mark Passio.

If you have a lot of time, you can watch his 9 hour (9 hours! wtf??) video on the Occult.

Linked here is the Wikipedia version of the Bohemian Grove’s cremation of Care.

2 thoughts on “Cremation of Care”

  1. Whether anyone can or will understand any, all or some of Passio’s lecture is left up to individual interpretation. Still, thank you for putting it out there and available for everyone’s consideration.
    Keeping in mind that anyone interested enough to watch and absorb 9 hours of lectures is not likely to do so in a one sitting experience, it is still an interesting meal provided one tries to digest it in a series of small course offerings of their own chosen portions at their own absorption rate.
    It is rare to find a one stop walk through for such a huge topic that is generally only presented in short snippets which do the subject matter little justice or continuity.
    Whether or not one finds this entirely credible or not or finds it simply entertaining for the possibilities it presents, certainly it is as much as we could ask of any large subject one might choose to educate oneself on.
    Keep swingin’, News Monkey!

    1. 9 hours is bit much. I sincerely hope he didn’t talk for 9 hours straight!

      I think Mark Passio is trying to be the American David Icke; at least that’s my opinion after watching a few of his videos. I came across him while I was researching Owl symbolism. Many of these conspiracy/New Age lecturers talk about the same topics and themes, and I often find they have read each others books as well, or at the least are aware of the others work.

      That said, I still think what they say has some validity, but I like to find the source of these interpretations, and independent corroboration.

      Thanks, I’ll keep on swinging…even if I miss!

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