Cold War Dreaming (or if this were the 80’s I would be worried!)

I would be worried. In the 80’s we were on the brink of nuclear annihilation, or at least that’s what we were told. The fear that one day the USA and the Soviet Union might edge too close to direct conflict, and then bam!!! Nuclear war! The fear was always there, and we had plenty of movies, and even video games to remind us of the horrible reality.

Nuclear Explosion
Bueller…Bueller…oh never mind!

Politics and media painted a bleak scenario, that one day the Warsaw Pact would roll into West Berlin; overrun the defenders at check point Charlie and launch a full scale invasion of West Germany. This conflict would rage across Europe and spread to the Middle East. Tactical nuclear weapons would be deployed to the battlefield, and a full nuclear exchange would ensue. Then all our post apocalyptic 80’s movies become a reality!

Let us fast forward a few years to the collapse of the Soviet Union. We are falsely led to believe the Cold War is over, and the world is once again safe for democracy. The military industrial complex of the United States has to then create/find a new enemy, and they found a willing “ally” in Saddam Hussein. Mr. Hussein not only provided America with Gulf War 1 and 2, but shit that boy even helped us out when we needed Gulf War 3!

For those of you confused with my Gulf War 1-3 labels; let me take a step back and explain myself. I consider Gulf War 1 to be the Iran/Iraq war. In the Iran/Iraq war we backed Mr. Hussein against the Iranians. In Gulf War 2; Mr. Hussein walked into Kuwait, and we had to fight for freedom under Bush I. In Gulf War 3; Mr. Hussein was blamed for 9/11 or harboring Weapons of Mass Destruction or whatever reason Collin Powell was given to provide the U.N., and we launched the invasion “Operation: Iraqi Freedom” under Bush II from our base in Kuwait. Three weeks later we were in Baghdad, as some willing Iraqis hit Saddam’s statue with their shoes.

Nato Commander Video Game
Dear God I loved this game…

let us return and leave the tangent behind. All this great adventure in the Middle East has allowed Americans to forget the days of the Cold War, but my friends I’m here to say that good times are back again! (sarcasm)

We’ve had a good run, but it was going to wear on us sooner or later. We’ve had 12 years of continuous war since 9/11/01, and the Russians and Chinese are now flexing their power on the international scene.

I don’t expect us to come into direct conflict with Russia (yet), but they are not going to allow us to take down Syria easily. The current state of war has clearly become one of proxy between the USA and Russia. This is setting a dangerous precedent.

I absolutely don’t agree with the stance the USA has taken with Syria, but I’m also not surprised because Syria was a long time ally of the Soviet Union, and even though the names have changed the politics stay the same. I also find it extremely hypocritical that we’re so hell bent on removing Mr. Assad, that we’ve publicly backed the rebels whom have aligned themselves with al-Qaeda. These FSA fighters have committed their share of atrocities in the war, and a few have publicly stated they will fight the USA once they are done with Assad. Here is little montage put together by Syrian Girl of the “rebels” flying the black flag of al-Qaeda.

I can hardly blame Russia for backing their ally, especially since they’ve been fighting their own Sunni extremists in the Caucasus mountains. The Russians don’t like the idea of another country in the Middle East falling; especially one so close to their border. Muslim extremism has been spreading across the Middle East, and another country falling to this wave, will not saving anyone or prevent further conflict in the long run.

The conflict is heating up. There are 4,500 US troops on the border in Jordan. Saudia Arabia has stated they will provide anti-air manpad missiles to the Rebels. The Iranians have said they will send 4,000 troops to Syria, and Hezbollah has officially backed the Syrian army. Putin said at the G-8 he will not support peace talks that involve Bashar al-Assad stepping down, and the USA is contemplating installing a “no-fly zone” extending from the border with Jordan. Friends, all the pieces are being placed in position. Welcome back to the 80’s.

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