Chattanooga murders; a clear double standard

I considered writing a blog post about Dylann Storm Roof in the vein of the New York Times, but in bizarro world. I thought better of it, because it would probably be taken the wrong way and misunderstood. I would paint Dylann in sympathetic light, and talk about his battle with drugs, and his bad family life. I would suggest that he was just a misunderstood boy. I would pull the focus away from the people he shot in the church, and put the focus on the demons he battled. I would be sure not to bring up the race issue. I would also be sure to use a photo of Dylann when he was young and happy to create further sympathy.

Dylann Roof opening presents - Chattanooga double standard
Here is the sympathetic photo I would use.
Photo Credit – Paige Mann

Then in bizarro New York Times world I would cover the shootings in Chattanooga. I would demonize Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez for the murderer he is, and focus on the unarmed men gunned down in cold blood. I would be sure to use the words “cold blood“, because it’s so cliche. I would place focus on Mohammod’s religion, and theorize about his possible ties to Islāmic extremism; more specifically ISIS.

I would then make a determined effort to start a movement to ban the Islāmic flag or anything Islāmic. I would make sure Amazon fell in line also like the good little govt. slaves they are. They would be sure to ban all Islāmic products as I commanded. Then I would make the spineless corporate monkeys at Apple pull anything Islāmic from the App store. I would make them change all wars games that portrayed the Islāmic, and replace it with a rainbow flag.

I hope you can see the double standard we’re subjected too. This is why a polarizing politician like Donald Trump is gaining popularity. People respect that he has the balls to say how he feels. I don’t agree completely with Trump, but I find him refreshing and satisfying from all the politically correct walking around on eggshells I have to do as a white man in America today. I’m apparently guilty for being born white, as if that means I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth.

I also find it highly disrespectful the way Obama responded to the shootings in Chattanooga. President Bush II was divisive, but President Obama wins the award.

This exercise is to show you how the media is creating further division and polarization in America, and President Obama is only making it worse.


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