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Oil Prices Crashing, Putin’s Russia Rising

As we have seen over the past eighteen months or so, Russia (and by Russia I mean Russian President Vladimir Putin) doesn’t really care what the rest of the world (especially the West) thinks of them and by their multiple acts of defiance the rest of the world should care and to take it further the world should be worried; very, very worried. Continue reading Oil Prices Crashing, Putin’s Russia Rising

“It’s game time…”

To borrow a quote from one my favorite fictional characters from James Cameron’s Aliens, it is now officially game time. It’s game time for me because I’ve been away from the News Monkey for too long, and it’s game time for the world, and I don’t just mean the Olympics.

Scanning the headlines…the war in Syria is escalating, the Olympics are rolling along, Romney and Obama are moving into campaign mode, and the markets are bullshit just as they’ve been for some time (I’m sorry if I hurt the feelings of the financial magicians)I wish to dive into these blistering highlights some more, and make a prediction or two. I’m no prophet, but to paraphrase from my favorite prophetic rogue scholar Mr. John Hogue, humanity is very robotic, and if you pay attention to the details you can see where the future is heading.

I have a lot of favorites today don’t I?


I’ve been saying to my friends since the war started, and on News Monkey since it’s birth, that the rebels in Syria are being supported by the United States and her allies. These rebels are mostly foreign fighters, (think al-Qaeda) and have been moved into Syria to remove Assad from power. If you still believe these rebels popped up from a grassroots movement called the “Arab Spring”, you need to clean your head out, and get away from CNN and Fox news for at least a week.

Let’s take a look at some examples of manipulation in Syria.

On August 1st there was a report that Obama authorized covert support for the rebels in Syria. What? Excuse me? The media treats us like a child don’t they? How does Obama authorize “covert” support, and then there is a report about it on the internet. Covert by it’s very definition is secret. Hmm…am I living in the book 1984, and is this some form of “newspeak“? I suppose the irony of reporting authorization for covert support has been lost.

Obviously these rebels have been supported for a while, just like they were supported in Libya. Do you also find it curious the “Arab Spring” hasn’t touched Saudia Arabia, Jordan, or any close key Arab allies of the U.S and Israel? Hmm…

Let’s review. The US/Israel are backing rebels in countries they wish to take down, and Russia is now getting into the game and supporting the Assad regime to prevent this from happening. The Syrians have been successful with the Russian war coaching, and I think that’s the main reason for the open admission of the Barrack support for the rebels.

This is a dangerous game that’s being played in the Middle East. It’s not a controlled environment like we had in Europe during the Cold War.

The Olympics:

The biggest complaint so far has been the lack of live coverage here in the USA. One person was so upset, that she created a petition about it on I personally don’t care that much, but I hope the USA does well.

If anyone has a link or a full video of the Olympic opening ceremonies, I would like to see it. I can’t find the video anywhere on the the net, but I heard it was a bit creepy from more than one person. Send me a link in the contact section if you come across it.

Romney and Obama:

I’m going to play prophet here for a moment, and predict Obama will win a 2nd term as President of the United States. I’m not a supporter of either candidate, and I see domestic and international policy business as usual no matter the puppet in power.

I made my opinion after reading about Romney’s trip to the Middle East and Europe. There I saw a man who has been set up as a fall guy. I’m having a hard time putting it in words, but I don’t see this man as President of the USA.

The Markets:

Don’t expect doom, and don’t expect good news. The crummy economic situation we find ourselves in will smolder on for some time. These financial magicians have many ways of keeping the game going, and I don’t see the plug being pulled anytime soon. I see the plug coming undone eventually, and it will be worse than 2008, but I don’t foresee it happening in 2012.

Check back daily, as the News Monkey has returned.

News Monkey out!

Back to the news…

It’s June 5th and we’re about 13 days away from the official start day of the Summer of 2012 (USA time), so I think it’s a swell time to see where we are in worlds events, and where we may be headed. I like to break down news events (with the exception of sports) into three categories, humanity, war, and economics. All three categories effect each other, but for me it’s a good mechanism to sort out the craziness that the world presents us when reporting the news.


Following up on my post Provoking The Bear; we see today that Hillary Clinton reiterated Washington’s support to bring Georgia into the NATO alliance. You know how I feel about NATO, and how it has overstepped it’s mandate and now resembles a world army, and this statement by Hillary strengthens my viewpoint. The Russian’s obivously would be very angry if the “tie eater” Saakashvili was brought into the alliance. Putin has made it very obvious that he dislikes Saakashvili, and that’s putting it lightly. Georgia’s entry into NATO would be akin to Mexico joining into an alliance of mutual defense with Russia. This is another example of poking the stick into the eyes of a sleeping bear.

We still have the unrest and violence in Syria. I don’t know if you can call it a civil war just yet, because there are strong indications the rebels fighting the government came from outside of Syria. The Syrian government today announced that ambassadors from the USA, UK, and Canada are considered persona non grata, which means they are no longer welcome.

If we head over to China, we see that Vlad Putin made a stop to meet with the Chinese President Hu Jintao to strengthen the strategic partnership between Russia and China. Vlad is also set to meet with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad later in the week to discuss the situation in Syria, and the state of the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation). The SCO is the counter move to NATO…sort of. You can see how the boundary lines are being drawn, it’s similar to the lines being drawn in the sand before World War I and II.

Enough war talk…let’s move to humanity shall we?


On the human front there is so much to cover, but instead of covering some of the more violent and twisted stories this I opted first for a car thief of sorts in Manalapan, NJ. Those “Jerzies” down in Manalapan have some pretty expensive houses (averaging close to 1 million), and it’s seems like a nice place to live if you’ve ever had the opportunity to visit. So according to the police report , the residents have been the victim of a car thief who returns the car. This technically makes him a car borrower (without asking of course), but he also stole $300 from one of the houses.

Apparently one man’s home was hit three times. The first time two times the thief took the Chrysler 300 out of the shut garage (very impressive) and returned it twice. The third time he was confronted by the home owner, but managed to escape his clutches. Mind you this has all occurred during the daylight hours. I guess there aren’t many stay at home mom over there. I think someone should direct this man to the nearest enterprise rent a car.

In the good news section, the Canadian Cannibal was caught in a Berlin internet cafe (I didn’t know they still existed) looking up stories about himself. Talk about a case egomania! I imagine this guy would be a great study for psyche class. I’m happy he was caught, and now the courts are going to put him on trial for murdering, dismembering, eating, and mailing off parts of his 33 lover Jun Lin. Let’s not forget this man also suffocated kittens and fed one to a python, and then posted the videos online. This man must have had a horrible childhood. This man will now have to deal with karma of his actions.


Hmm let’s see…I could use more money, the Facebook stock is still sinking and I’ll sum up the rest with this video.

Well that’s all for today folks and our quick news review. In my next post we’re going to have a detailed history lesson, which I hope will shed some light on my point of view concerning the revolutions and instability in the Middle East.

News Monkey out!