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Damascus – The road to total war

I’ve covered the Syrian war on News Monkey since 2012, and since then there has been many times when I thought the war was simmering down, and the Syrian government would restore control. Then there would be an event which would make me re-think my optimistic feelings. My outlook has soured again, because of the reports that ISIS is encroaching on Damascus after key victories in Iraq and Syria.

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Was the Syrian chemical attack a false flag?

I’ve been warning for over a year now that our country would get directly involved in the Syrian conflict, and it appears the day is about to arrive. I honestly didn’t predict it would come this soon, but our so called “leaders” have been trying hard for a long time now to find something to light the fire with, and I believe they found their fuel in the Syrian chemical attack; which occurred on August 21st in Damascus, Syria.

The President and his Secretary of State John “Swift Boat” Kerry, have said there is undeniable evidence that Assad launched the chemical attacks against his people. Bashar al-Assad said his country did not use chemical weapons, and the attack is instead the work of the foreign terrorists his country has been fighting for over two years. I’m apt to believe him for a few reasons. The first being that he knows full well that by using chemical weapons, let alone against his own people, he would give the West the long desired excuse they have been looking for, and secondly the “FSA” or al-Qaeda terrorists (which I feel better describes them) have been caught willingly on camera committing attrocities in Syria. So why wouldn’t these terrorists use chemical weapons against the Syrian people to get the West involved? They’ve been practically begging the West for the entire length of the conflict to get involved, and have no qualms about murdering the Syrian people on camera and posting it to the internet. Continue reading Was the Syrian chemical attack a false flag?

Cold War Dreaming (or if this were the 80’s I would be worried!)

I would be worried. In the 80’s we were on the brink of nuclear annihilation, or at least that’s what we were told. The fear that one day the USA and the Soviet Union might edge too close to direct conflict, and then bam!!! Nuclear war! The fear was always there, and we had plenty of movies, and even video games to remind us of the horrible reality. Continue reading Cold War Dreaming (or if this were the 80’s I would be worried!)

Syrian pilot down

I came upon an article this morning, concerning the downing of a Syrian pilot by the rebels. The rebels recorded the now familiar video of a captured man being flanked by armed men. The pilot was forced to say he was on a mission to bomb the city, and the bruises on his face were result of landing on rocks when he ejected from his plane, and that monkeys flew out of his butt (I’m sorry, I added the last line myself).

Syrian state TV as expected fired back with their version of events, and reported the jet wasn’t shot down, but crashed due to technical failure. The truth is most often found in the middle in life, and after watching the videos, I think one can deduce the rebels got off a lucky shot with their anti-aircraft fire. If the rebels had stingers or the Russian equivalent (SA-18), the Syrian air force would have to report a whole lot more technical failures!

I also noticed that two of the rebels in the video were carrying the Steyr Aug, which is a bullpup orientated weapon designed by Austria. Saudi Arabia is the only middle eastern country on record to have equipped the weapons. The Steyr Aug is definitely an upgrade in accuracy compared to the standard Kalashnikov we often see carried by rebels around the world. The Steyr Aug uses the 5.56 mm ammunition, versus the 7.62 of the original AK-47. So who is supplying the rebels with the NATO ammuniton you ask? Well it should be obvious by now. I pointed out in a previous post, that President Obama has officially said we are secretly supporting the rebels. ”Secretly supporting”? I love that line.

Below are links to the videos.

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You’ll be hard pressed to find it, but the Syrian Army has cleared Aleppo of most of the NATO backed Free Syrian Army. The Syrian’s are attempting to cut off their supply lines from neighboring Turkey, so the FSA cannot fortify their position and prolong the insurrection.

You can expect to see and hear the leaders of NATO push harder for a no fly zone in the coming days. The only reason the NATO backed rebels defeated Gaddaffi’s poorly equipped army in Libya, was due to the arrival of NATO air power in the form of the French in the early days of the no fly zone.

Former French president, Nicholas Sarkozy a big backer of the Libyan war, has come out of his elected retirement to call for foreign intervention to avoid a massacre. I’m not a backer of Assad by no means, but I’m sick of the proxy wars we’re waging in the Middle East, and if Sarkozy wishes to avoid a massacre, well requesting a no fly zone is a sure fire way to accomplish the opposite. This man doesn’t care however, because it won’t be the liquidation of his family under the weight of NATO’s humanitarian warfare.

The Syrian army would do best if they cut off the supplies coming into the FSA from Jordan, Saudia Arabia, and mainly Turkey, and then surround and wipe out the radical Islamist fighters. Otherwise if they let them linger, the FSA will win by attrition, and all bets are off if NATO gets involved. Then we could be looking at the big boys going toe to toe.

We shall see, but keep your eyes open in the upcoming days for the war rhetoric to increase.

A State of War

Assad admitted on Tuesday June 26th that Syria is in a state of war, and asked his government to spare no effort to achieve victory. The fighting has been going on for about 16 months now, and yesterday there were reports that fighting has reached the Syrian capital Damascus. The rebels were reported as blocking the “old road” from Beirut to Damascus.

This is a major change for Bashar al-Assad, because up until now he’s downplayed the insurrection in his country. I believe the fighting in the capital has woken him to the realization that NATO will not rest until he is removed from power. The goal of NATO is to dominate all of the middle east and keep Russia and China out. Once Syria is gone only Iran will stand in NATO’s way.

I’m sure Russia is fully aware of this, and it makes sense now why Vlad Putin stopped off in Israel to speak to Netanyahu. Turkey on the other hand won’t attack Syria without NATO help, and they are already backing down from their strong rhetoric after their Jet was shot down. They talk tough, but they don’t act tough. One only has to think back to when Turkish citizens were killed by the IDF enroute to Gaza. Turkey basically did the politically equivalent of yelling at them, and said bad, bad, bad Israel!

I don’t see NATO putting boots on the ground in Syria, until they wait a few more months to see how their “rebels” do. The stakes have been raised by Russia. If Russia back’s off, then Syria’s days are quickly reduced. I’m ceasing to write on the subject of Syria until something of serious significance changes for the better or the worse.

I hope for the better, but I’m afraid it’s obvious the direction this has taken.

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Turkish Jet down

There are unconfirmed reports out of the Middle East that Syria shot down a Turkish jet that violated it’s airspace. I’ve checked a few websites, and all of them are reporting basically the same “facts”.

Apparently two Turkish Jets were either heading into Syrian airspace or were already violating the airspace, and the Syrian’s were able to shoot one down while the other escaped. It was first reported the pilots were rescued, but now the story has changed and the rescue hasn’t been confirmed. I believe you can take the following two points from the incident.

The Syrian air defense works. NATO won’t experience a cakewalk if they wish to implement a no-fly zone.
Turkey is part of the NATO alliance, and an attack on one is considered to be an attack on all. The shoot down of the Turkish jet can be used as an excuse by NATO to invade Syria. The Turkish intrusion into Syrian airspace, could have also been a test to gage Syria’s response.
Prime Minister Erdogan has been very soft in his actions and hard in his words. Turkey won’t unilaterally respond to Syria.