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Why did the media use the Obama horn photo?

It may appear I’m being sensational with the Obama/Baphomet photo as my featured image, but my question remains a good one. There was much confusion in conspiracy land as to why most main stream media outlets ran with the ‘Obama Horn’ photo as their thumbnail to advertise his ISIS strategy speech.

Message boards and YouTube videos claimed the photo was “photo shopped”, and some even claimed a green screen was used because the background didn’t appear to match up with the video.  After further analysis, the photo was indeed taken from the President’s speech on 9/10.  In order to get the “horns” into view behind his head, the shot from the cameraman must have a came in at a very low angle.  Continue reading Why did the media use the Obama horn photo?

Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obama Care)

I’ll be honest, I really have no idea where to start. I want to get to the cold hard facts on Obama Care so I can properly go to war with the talking point zombies, but the scope of this bill is staggering. It’s literally making my head hurt. I ultimately believe I will find myself against the passing of this act, because it was passed by the supreme court as a tax (which it is), and it forces the American public to purchase health care, which is something I find unconstitutional.

For now I leave you with a full copy H.R. 3590 which was passed by the 111th CONgress, and pushed through by the Supreme Court. If you’re brave enough to tackle it yourself that is, but this is akin to asking someone to read the agreement they have to accept when downloading software.

Good luck. I’ll be back tomorrow with more details and updates.

News Monkey out!