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I’m back.

I’m back.

It’s been over a month since I last put up a post, but I have a good reason. I was away for a week and a half taking a much needed break in sunny California.  Then upon my return to reality someone accidentally (I hope) cut my internet connection at  the odd hour of 9:36pm to be exact, and as a result I was without the internet for a week. I make my living from the use of my computer and the internet, and it took some time to get life back in order once my dear internet returned, and this time with a nice gear upgrade (new modem and router). Once the internet shenanigans were sorted out, I managed to get myself sick which knocked me out for an additional week. I’m feeling somewhat better now, and I finally have the chance to sit down and fire up the site.

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Website Changes…WordPress Twenty Fourteen

If you’re a regular reader of News Monkey, you’ll notice the website looks a whole lot different right now, and that’s because I’m using the new WordPress Twenty Fourteen theme. I couldn’t resist the new design from the talented folks over at WordPress, so I decided to replace my old theme.  I’m having the old News Monkey banner re-worked at the moment for the new year, and I’m tinkering around with the 2014 code myself to see how it works, and customize it for the site.

It’s a very beautiful theme in my opinion, and a big jump from the old offerings from WordPress.   It also works great on all mobile devices. Okay that’s all for now.


I haven’t been here in a while…and it’s 2014!

2013 has been a year of major growth for myself, as well as one of the most difficult and trying years for me in recent memory.  I’ve learned a lot, and most of it the hard way.  I’ve met a few new people, and some of them have come and gone all in one year, but such is life and the way it flows. The hot and humid summer we experienced here in the northeast feels like a distant memory, and we’re now experiencing the cold biting chill of winter with the promise of (hopefully) Spring in the new year.  Continue reading I haven’t been here in a while…and it’s 2014!

“It’s game time…”

To borrow a quote from one my favorite fictional characters from James Cameron’s Aliens, it is now officially game time. It’s game time for me because I’ve been away from the News Monkey for too long, and it’s game time for the world, and I don’t just mean the Olympics.

Scanning the headlines…the war in Syria is escalating, the Olympics are rolling along, Romney and Obama are moving into campaign mode, and the markets are bullshit just as they’ve been for some time (I’m sorry if I hurt the feelings of the financial magicians)I wish to dive into these blistering highlights some more, and make a prediction or two. I’m no prophet, but to paraphrase from my favorite prophetic rogue scholar Mr. John Hogue, humanity is very robotic, and if you pay attention to the details you can see where the future is heading.

I have a lot of favorites today don’t I?


I’ve been saying to my friends since the war started, and on News Monkey since it’s birth, that the rebels in Syria are being supported by the United States and her allies. These rebels are mostly foreign fighters, (think al-Qaeda) and have been moved into Syria to remove Assad from power. If you still believe these rebels popped up from a grassroots movement called the “Arab Spring”, you need to clean your head out, and get away from CNN and Fox news for at least a week.

Let’s take a look at some examples of manipulation in Syria.

On August 1st there was a report that Obama authorized covert support for the rebels in Syria. What? Excuse me? The media treats us like a child don’t they? How does Obama authorize “covert” support, and then there is a report about it on the internet. Covert by it’s very definition is secret. Hmm…am I living in the book 1984, and is this some form of “newspeak“? I suppose the irony of reporting authorization for covert support has been lost.

Obviously these rebels have been supported for a while, just like they were supported in Libya. Do you also find it curious the “Arab Spring” hasn’t touched Saudia Arabia, Jordan, or any close key Arab allies of the U.S and Israel? Hmm…

Let’s review. The US/Israel are backing rebels in countries they wish to take down, and Russia is now getting into the game and supporting the Assad regime to prevent this from happening. The Syrians have been successful with the Russian war coaching, and I think that’s the main reason for the open admission of the Barrack support for the rebels.

This is a dangerous game that’s being played in the Middle East. It’s not a controlled environment like we had in Europe during the Cold War.

The Olympics:

The biggest complaint so far has been the lack of live coverage here in the USA. One person was so upset, that she created a petition about it on I personally don’t care that much, but I hope the USA does well.

If anyone has a link or a full video of the Olympic opening ceremonies, I would like to see it. I can’t find the video anywhere on the the net, but I heard it was a bit creepy from more than one person. Send me a link in the contact section if you come across it.

Romney and Obama:

I’m going to play prophet here for a moment, and predict Obama will win a 2nd term as President of the United States. I’m not a supporter of either candidate, and I see domestic and international policy business as usual no matter the puppet in power.

I made my opinion after reading about Romney’s trip to the Middle East and Europe. There I saw a man who has been set up as a fall guy. I’m having a hard time putting it in words, but I don’t see this man as President of the USA.

The Markets:

Don’t expect doom, and don’t expect good news. The crummy economic situation we find ourselves in will smolder on for some time. These financial magicians have many ways of keeping the game going, and I don’t see the plug being pulled anytime soon. I see the plug coming undone eventually, and it will be worse than 2008, but I don’t foresee it happening in 2012.

Check back daily, as the News Monkey has returned.

News Monkey out!

The Monkey is pissed off.

I’m sorry for the long delay in putting up a new post, but the news monkey was busy and out of town for a couple of days. I’m back now and I know in my last post I promised a history lesson to further explain my position on Syria, but something dear to my heart has come up that I need to address. I promise I will get to the history lesson.

Anyone who knows me personally, or just happened to bring up the subject of politics in the same room as me knows I’m a passionate supporter of Ron Paul. I never fully agreed with his whole platform, but he’s proven to stick to his guns, and he’s not a flip flopper. Until now.

A few days ago Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky said that he would endorse Mitt Romney. He said his reasoning is that his father has dropped out of the race, and his family values and history line up with Romney. Rand also said that he recently met Romney in Washington, and discussed his support for reforming the Federal Reserve, limiting regulations, and SOPA. Rand said “I think there’s a lot of kinship between us on those issues”, in reference to his discussion with Romney.

Shortly after the endorsement was announced Ron Paul effectively dropped out of the race, and asked his supporters to be respectful at the convention. I’m shocked and I find it very upsetting that Ron Paul has thrown in the towel, but still expects his supporters to send him donations and love. If he had no desire to actually win and just spread ideas, there are better platforms for that then running for president. He and his son have effectively betrayed their supporters, and the liberty movement that helped them gain popularity in the first place. I’m starting to wonder if Ron Paul’s whole agenda was to help Romney get elected, and then to have his son jump on board for selection as vice president.

Ron Paul supporters were hoping to make a run at the convention, no matter the fact the MSM (main stream media) chose Romney as the Republican nominee months ago.

Ron Paul and his son have decided to jump on the bang wagon with the Republican party. I can no longer support them in good conscience.

If you don’t like the current POTUS (Barrack Obama) and you vote for Romney, you’re basically voting for the same man. Both of these candidates are funded by the same people and organizations. I really don’t understand what has happened, and what could have cause this effective betrayal from Ron Paul.

The liberty movement in our country was originally brought to main stream consciousness by the Tea Party, and then the Tea Party was co-opted by Republican opportunists such as John McCain and Sarah Palin. They used the Tea Party to serve their agenda and gain popularity like any plastic smile, baby hugging politician would. Now the liberty movement which chose Ron Paul as it’s leader, has been betrayed by his son and by the man himself.

I’m a political atheist, but I now know no matter how strong a politician may appear, he can be bought, threatened, or coerced to sell out. I have no idea what caused this change in the Paul’s, but in my opinion they can no longer be trusted.

An idea can never die, and the idea of the Republic of the United States will never die. It’s up to us to make the change. It’s up to us to find our own leader, and restore this Republic. Both parties are co-opted and have sold us out a million times. Do not vote in this upcoming election. If enough of us refuse to choose between a bad incumbent who is compromised, and a bad candidate who is a flip flopper, then we can deem this election illegitimate.

We have the power.

We are the people. You must never forget that. The time is now. Future generations will remember us for what we do at this time.

Refuse to allow the Republic to die. REFUSE!

News Monkey