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Iraq’s Rambo – Abu Azrael

I’ll let the video speak for itself, but there are many layers of meaning and consequence in what it presents.

It’s clear the American adventure in Iraq has been a complete failure. The result has been an increased Iranian presence, and an expanding religious war between Sunni and Shiah. Love him or hate him; Saddam Hussein kept these two halves of Islam at bay. The mess which has engulfed Iraq will duplicate itself in Syria once Bashar al-Assad falls to ISIS in Damascus.

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Saudi Arabia and the Arab Army

Saudi Arabian warplanes have conducted a third night of airstrikes and pounded the Houthi rebels in Sana, Yemen.  Saudi Arabia’s determined to prevent the rebels from crossing into the Kingdom, and gaining a stronger foothold in the western half of Yemen.  Only a ground invasion at this time can change the tide in favor of the newly formed Arab army.  There is a complication however in this new proxy war,  because Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is still in operation.

I’m will break down the alliances which are forming for this potential Middle Eastern Holy war.

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