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Ebola, Sarah Menet, and prophecy.

I had a little bird,Its name was Enza.
I opened the window, and in-flu-enza.

I’ve attempted to follow the Ebola news, and offer something novel here on the monkey page, but there are too many rumors, and not enough truth.  We now know Thomas Eric Duncan died from Ebola on Wednesday.  We also know that Teresa Romero Ramos from Spain is the first person outside of Africa to contract the virus, and she was left to sit in the ER for hours even after she tested positive.

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CDC Confirms first case of Ebola in Dallas

I’m sure you’ve heard by now the CDC has confirmed the first case of Ebola in the Dallas Fort-worth area.  It was only a matter of time before this happened, especially the careless way the Obama administration has been dealt with the outbreak in Africa, and the safety of the continental United States.  They have been playing with fire, and at times appears as though they wanted someone to bring the virus back.  Don’t forget infected patients were brought back to the United States earlier when the outbreak was first making traction in the main stream media.

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