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Damascus – The road to total war

I’ve covered the Syrian war on News Monkey since 2012, and since then there has been many times when I thought the war was simmering down, and the Syrian government would restore control. Then there would be an event which would make me re-think my optimistic feelings. My outlook has soured again, because of the reports that ISIS is encroaching on Damascus after key victories in Iraq and Syria.

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I’m back.

I’m back.

It’s been over a month since I last put up a post, but I have a good reason. I was away for a week and a half taking a much needed break in sunny California.  Then upon my return to reality someone accidentally (I hope) cut my internet connection at  the odd hour of 9:36pm to be exact, and as a result I was without the internet for a week. I make my living from the use of my computer and the internet, and it took some time to get life back in order once my dear internet returned, and this time with a nice gear upgrade (new modem and router). Once the internet shenanigans were sorted out, I managed to get myself sick which knocked me out for an additional week. I’m feeling somewhat better now, and I finally have the chance to sit down and fire up the site.

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Today is April 19th 2015

April 19th is a most interesting day in the USA.  A day that marks the anniversary of the the Simpsons,  but also marks the anniversary of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City.  One more in a long line of false flags, and willing patsies to promote an agenda that slithers it’s way around the alphabet agencies.  One more in a long line that extends to the horizon, and beyond.

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I’m sure most of you have heard by now about the unusual closing of 5 Walmart stores in the southern half of the USA. If you haven’t, here is an article from the Consumerist which will bring you up to speed.

The Walmart closings due to “plumbing problems”, and the increase in military exercises, including Jade Helm has made more than a few aware observers raise and eyebrow or two.

With that said, below you will find a YouTube video I stumbled across that references and old article about DHS, Walmart, and underground tunnels.  The video is a little slow, but is worth the watch.

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Crrow777 – conspiracy nervous breakdown

It’s not good form for me to call out Crrow777 on a blog post, but I feel he has gone a bit off the rails in his analysis lately, and I would welcome his comments here if he comes across my post.

I first came across Crrow777’s YouTube channel about 6 months ago.  He states in his about section the following:

I will only post clips as they were shot and will not alter or add misleading content. I further pledge that I will not post deceptive or false footage. Much of what we have been told about our moon, solar system, UFO’s and the importance of scientific astrology is deceptive or fails to include the entire picture.

– Crrow777

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Saudi Arabia and the Arab Army

Saudi Arabian warplanes have conducted a third night of airstrikes and pounded the Houthi rebels in Sana, Yemen.  Saudi Arabia’s determined to prevent the rebels from crossing into the Kingdom, and gaining a stronger foothold in the western half of Yemen.  Only a ground invasion at this time can change the tide in favor of the newly formed Arab army.  There is a complication however in this new proxy war,  because Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is still in operation.

I’m will break down the alliances which are forming for this potential Middle Eastern Holy war.

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Cremation of Care

I decided to conduct some research on the Cremation of Care, and the Bohemian Grove’s 40 foot concrete owl.  The owl can also be found in aerial shots of Washington D.C.

Many researchers assume the large stone owl is a symbol or representation for Moloch the Canaanite God of child sacrifice, but I couldn’t find conclusive information.  What can I really expect after only a few hours of searching Google?  This brings to mind the problem (which is an understatement) of allowing Google to arbitrate all knowledge and information.

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