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Sun Alert!

I’m not fluent enough in space weather to speak intelligently on the subject, so I’ll let the link do the talking.

Here’s a quote and link from Space Weather

SOLAR ACTIVITY INTENSIFIES: Huge sunspot AR1476 is crackling with M-class solar flares and appears to be on the verge of producing something even stronger. The sunspot’s ‘beta-gamma-delta’ magnetic field harbors energy for X-class flares, the most powerful kind. Earth is entering the line of fire as the sunspot rotates across the face of the sun.
Earlier today, amateur astronomer Thomas Ashcraft of New Mexico detected strong shortwave radio bursts coming from the sunspot. Click to hear the “solar static” that roared out of his loudspeaker:



FM 3-39.40

It’s unfortunately not a new FM station. You won’t have perpetual play of the same 10 songs with this FM. This FM stands for Field Manual, and it’s full name is INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS. The manual was released for the Department of Defense and her “contractors” on February of 2010.

Here is a link to the pdf from You’ll definitely need some free time if you wish to read the whole document, as it comes in at novel worthy length of 325 pages.

FM 3-39.40 covers the internment of U.S. citizens, and the re-education of political activists among other things. The document also covers the use of internees as forced labor.

The last time I watched the attempted re-education of political dissidents, was in the 80′s with Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen battling the Russians in Red Dawn!



Try using the following words to navigate around the document in adobe.

  • “political activists”
  • “civilian internees”
  • “within U.S. territory”
  • “civil support operations”
  • “man-made disasters”
  • “reeducating”

Ultimately this document is ominous In light of the passing of the NDAA by the President on New Year’s Eve 2011. The National Defense Authorization act allows for indefinite detention of U.S. citizens by order of the President. On March 12th of this year, the Department of Homeland Security placed an order for 450 million hollow point bullets.

These are things that make me go “hmm”.

I don’t believe the military is going to be ordered to come for us in the middle of the night, but these preparations are simply not out of boredom.

The apparatus is fully in place for a police state.

Are they preparing for war?

Are they preparing for economic collapse?

A debt of 15 trillion could do that.

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