Today is April 19th 2015

April 19th is a most interesting day in the USA.  A day that marks the anniversary of the the Simpsons,  but also marks the anniversary of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City.  One more in a long line of false flags, and willing patsies to promote an agenda that slithers it’s way around the alphabet agencies.  One more in a long line that extends to the horizon, and beyond.

We can’t mention Oklahoma City without mentioning the massacre that occurred on the same day in Waco, Texas. The siege of the Branch Davidians ended in a fiery massacre that saw David Koresh and his 82 followers succumb to fire, as well as the deaths of 4 ATF members.

I remember the siege well, and how is just didn’t sit right with me. David Koresh was probably suffering delusions of grandeur, and not the type of guy you invite to Christmas dinner, but did they deserve to held hostage in siege for 51 days?  These things happen in America, but I don’t have to agree with the method.

Today is also the anniversary of the start of the American Revolution.  The colonists defeated the Brits at the battles of Lexington and Concord. A group of ragtag pissed off militiamen defeated 700 British soldiers.  They waited for them in a Tavern after being warned by Paul Revere.  Very showdown at O.K. Corral style.

All these dates come to mind because of an article I came across on Infowars.  I can only take Alex Jones in small doses, but I’m of the opinion that he does put out good information.  You can read the full article here, but this is an excerpt from the military bulletin referenced in the article that is of most importance.

(u) Homeland: April 18th is a Significant Date to Domestic Extremists.

(u) Members of the Patriot & Militia movements, Sovereign Citizens, and white supremacists, recall April 19th as the date that the battles of Lexington and Concord started the American Revolution.  Citing (incorrectly) Title 10 USC references to the “unorganized Militias’ and the Constitutional right to bears arms, these groups believe that they are legally obligated to oppose the government should it become tyrannical.

If this can indeed by verified, It’s shocking and obvious where they are going with the bulletin.  The propaganda has been in place for years, and even the Tea Party movement was made to look racist or have connections with white supremacists.  I know many liberals, and 90% of them are of the belief that the Tea Party is a racist organization.  Constitutionalists are being painted with the same broad stroke, so that anyone who stands for the constitution can be construed to be racist or an extremist.

This ridiculousness is happening when there are reports that ISIS has bases in Mexico, and with a wide open border that won’t be shut down with the current power structure, you have an easy and open access point into the United States for willing participants in an upcoming false flag operation.

It’s infuriating to read these words, and hard for me to articulate because it’s so wrong.  It’s very 1984 of the bulletin where it reads that said groups recall April 19th as the start of the American Revolution, as if the battles of Lexington and Concord didn’t occur on that day, and then in the same paragraph attacks the first amendment.

It’s easy to become paranoid that something is afoot when Homeland “Security” purchases enough ammo to kill everyone in the country, and we’re seeing an increase in military exercises across the nation.

I don’t know where all this is going, but it will be extremely easy for elements within the govt. to pin a false flag terrorist attack on these sovereign citizens, or the Patriot and Militia movements again.  They will be able to easily convince the public that these groups are the enemy.

The economic sorcery in the world won’t last forever, and at some point all these elements variables will come home to bloom their ugly branches.

ISIS is another example of foreshadowing.  We heard about Osama Bin Laden for years before the events of 9/11, and now we have our new boogey man organization out there putting out videos that “America will burn”.

The writing is on the wall.  Those in power need to keep their power, and war is the answer.

I don’t think the sky is falling, nor do I predict economic chaos or doom around the corner, but all these events, exercises, and political statements lead to one thing down the road, and I predict that will be another terrorist attack on this nation worse than 9/11 in scope.

The signs are there.  Maybe we can stop it by consistently pointing out that we as a people know we’ve been manipulated since 9/11/01 in an extreme and also subtle way.  Do we even care enough?  Does it matter anymore to anyone?  Well as long as they keep the cable running, the food in the stores, and internet accessible, this slow, creeping, incremental tyranny will take hold.



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