Before I rush out this morning to my soul crushing day job, I thought I would take the time to remind everyone that today is Christmas/New Year’s Eve/Your birthday, or any awesome day you look forward to for the illuminated ones.

Sure, some question whether the illuminated ones actually exist; as I often do myself, but there is ample evidence around the aware or watchful observer to see their influence and existence. Their motivation and mind-set, that’s something I can only speculate on.

Well as I said today is their awesome day, because not only do we have 322, but we have 13. 322 is the number of skull and bones, and 13 is a number favored by the masons or widow’s sons. (Should I say that? Yes I should). So you put them together like Voltron, and WA LAA!! SUPER ILLUMINATI DAY!!

The number 13 is also prominently displayed on our talisman like dollar bill, which by the way will never be revamped or changed like every other denomination of currency in our fiat money supply.

So what will happen today? I don’t know! Don’t look at me, because my name is not Nostradamus!

They are releasing “Olympus Has Fallen”; a movie about the terrorist take over of the White House ( wait, hasn’t that already happened?), but connecting reality to movies??I must be crazy!

After all, movies never become reality…right?

My cynicism is dripping.

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